AGM of Waiheke Island Choral Society Inc. – 16 March 2021

The AGM reports were distributed prior to the meeting for members to read.

Meeting Held:
  at Whittaker’s Musical Museum on 16 March 2021

Meeting Opened: by Gavin Smart at 7:00 pm


Ann Jocelyn, Carolyn Smart, Christine Beardan, Dee Austring, Dianne Faull, Eileen Boghurst, Elizabeth Haylock, Frances Salt, Flynn Washington, Gavin Smart, Gillian Reeve, Hiroini Stewart, Jane Griffith, Joan Kirk, Kayla Mackenzie-Kopp, Mark James, Mary Batten, Nicolas Herren, Norma Cross, Richard Melville, Saskia Herren, Susan Triggs, Willi Willmann

An attendance register/tracker was circulated and signed.


Please be sure you scan the Covid QR code at the door tonight and each time we come to practice.


Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Anne Willmann, Dot Hilbourne, Pam Manktelow

General Notice

Copies of the last AGM minutes, the President’s report, Treasurer’s report, and Musical Director’s report were circulated prior to the AGM for all to read.

Minutes of last AGM

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Musical Director’s Report

Election of Officers

General business.


Mark proposed that we keep our accounts reviewer as Rocky Rhodes this was seconded by Dee Austring. All in favour.

Dee will send an email to all members re the annual subscription and include the bank details. Payment can also be made at choir to Mark.

Mark was asked to pass on our thanks and appreciation to Rocky Roads for his continued work reviewing our accounts.

Fire regulations require us to have a Fire warden. Joan Kirk, Gillian Reeve and Gavin Smart have volunteered to take on this role.

Gratuity for Musical Director:

Nicolas suggested that we should pay Richard Melville enough to at least pay his parking in the city when he comes to practice.

The amount will be set and actioned by the committee.

This was proposed and accepted by Gavin Smart and Jane Griffith and approved.

Meeting Closed

The meeting was closed at 7:30 pm by Gavin Smart