Treasurer's Report for the Year 2020

The pandemic has not hit the Choral Society as badly as it has hit some other charities, but we can still see its effects. We had only one income-generating concert last year, and we donated the proceeds of that one to the Waiheke Budgeting Service. Thus our main income came from members' subscriptions, and those were down somewhat as well. As a result, our income for the year dropped from $6032 in 2019 to $2432 in 2020.

Our expenses dropped too, but not as much, from $5679 in 2019 to $3214 in 2020. We had only one concert to promote, and our social and general expenses dropped by half, but some expenses are fixed, such as New Zealand Choral Federation membership, insurance, APRA fees, and post office box rental. Ironically, hall hire costs went up slightly in 2020, but that was only because Whittaker's didn't bill us for several months of 2019 rehearsals until 2020.

All told, we lost $782 on the year, which is not a disaster because we still have a war chest of just over $20,000, suitable for attacking a major show if we should wish to do so. Still, we don't want our reserves to whittle away year by year, so let's hope 2021 will allow us a few proper concerts.


  1. Cashbook Summary for 2020, showing all income and expenses for the year.
  2. Financial Statements for 2020, showing financial performance and position, along with assets (essentially our piano).  These statements were reviewed and approved by Rocky Rhodes, and will be submitted to the Charities Commission if the AGM approves them.

Mark James