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Downloadable music for “Sing with the APO”

Use these files to help you memorise your parts.

You can download MIDI files to play on your computer, or MP3 files to play on your iPod, MP3 player, or computer. The advantage of MIDI files is that they are very quick to download; but you can only play them on your computer (using Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes, Winamp, Real Player or the like) or on specialised equipment. You can also get MIDI player apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. MP3 files, on the other hand, can be played on just about any portable music player, but they are huge and take quite a while to download.

See Mark James if you want this music on CDs or cassette tapes.

Click on a link, and choose whether to play the file directly or save it to your disk. Select Full to hear all parts, or select your part to hear that part emphasised.

David Hamilton: Missa Pacifica

(Part 7 only, ’Eiki alo’ofa e). In MP3 format only.

Soprano 1 Soprano 2 Alto Tenor Bass

Vangelis: 1492 — The Conquest of Paradise

I haven’t got permission to put MIDIs or MP3s on the website, but there are some Youtube clips of other groups’ performances. (Note: You can also find Youtube clips of the soundtrack of the film 1492, but these are not very useful. Our arrangement is by John Glenesk Mortimer and differs somewhat from the soundtrack.)

Here are two performances of the Mortimer arrangement:

John Wells: Gloria Tonga

In MIDI format:

Full Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

In MP3 format:

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

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