MINUTES OF AGM - 7pm, March 26, 2024 at Waiheke Musical Museum



Nicolas Herren, Gillian Reeve, Susan Triggs, Taliai Fetu



Anne Willmann, Willi Willmann, Maya Spence,  Andy Spence, Mark James, Sandra Alley,

Dee Austring, Pam Manktelow, Mary Batten, Ann Jocelyn, Christine Beardon, Mark Yandall, Terry McMahon, Trevor Hynds, Soona Brown, Hiromi Stewart, Carolyn Smart, Gavin Smart, Joan Kirk, Nora West, Frances Salt, Gerda Gorguer, Deborah Wake, Jane Scarles, Sylvia Hubbard, Jan Robertson.


Minutes of Last AGM had been circulated by email and are on the website.  Accepted as read and as a true and accurate record.


President’s Report had been circulated by email and is on the website.   Accepted as read.


Musical Director’s Report had been circulated by email and is on the website.   Accepted as read.    Anne reiterated her comment re how important it is to keep a positive atmosphere by not criticizing others. 


Election of Officers:  Maya asked if there were any nominations to join the committee.  Dee nominated Sylvia Hubbard as chair, seconded Andy.   Sylvia gave a rundown of her qualifications and experience.   Maya gracefully offered to stand down as current chairperson to avoid a vote having to be taken as to who should be chair, and that she now also wishes to stand down from the committee.   Anne gave a great thankyou to Maya in appreciation for her commitment to the choir and all the hard work behind the scenes she had done, which was applauded.    Sylvia took over chairing of the meeting at this point.

All other current committee members were willing to continue and accepted:

·        Anne Willmann as Music Director,

·        Mark as Treasurer,

·        Gavin as Secretary (until Susan Triggs returns),

·        Joan Kirk,

·        Sandra Alley,

·        Andy Spence (post-meeting note: Andy later that night advised by email that he too wishes to stand down from the committee).

·        Susan Triggs (in absentee until she returns back to the island).

Carolyn is willing to continue as choir pianist.


Treasurer’s Report and Reviewers Report had been circulated by email and are on the website.   Accepted as read.     Mark recommended that we continue using Colin Falconer (My Green Bookkeeper) as our reviewer, accepted.




General Business:

1.     Changes to the Constitution:  Mark moved that the amendments he proposed to the WCS’s constitution due to the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 being replaced by the Incorporated Societies Act 2022, and which were circulated by email, be accepted, 2nd by Ann Jocelyn.   All agreed.  Andy moved vote of appreciation of Mark for all the work he had done in drafting the changes required.   Applauded.

2.     Fire Wardens were reappointed as Mark James, Gavin Smart, Joan Kirk and Ann Jocelyn, moved Maya, 2nd Nora, accepted.

3.     Choir membership fee:  moved by Mark, 2nd Andy, that WCS membership fee (which covers the period from AGM to next AGM) remain at $30 per person and $50 for couples, accepted.

4.     Mary reiterated how Maya had made everyone feel welcome and thankful we are for all she has done, applauded.



Meeting closed 7.25pm and the choir got on with rehearsing for our next Potpourri concert under the talented baton of Anne Willmann.