MINUTES OF AGM - 7pm, March 21, 2023 at Whittakers Musical Museum



Carolyn Smart. Gavin Smart. Joan Kirk. Nicolas Herren, Carolyn Smart



Anne Willmann. Saskia Herren. Maya Spence. Andy Spence. Mark James. Sandra Alley

Dee Austring. Willi Willmann. Norma Cross. Pam Manktelow. Mary Batten. Ann Jocelyn

Christine Beardon. Elizabeth Haylock. Gillian Reeve. Taliai Whetu. Mark Yandall. Terry McMahon. Trevor Hynds. Soona Brown. Eileen Boghurst. Hiromi Stewart.


Meeting Held: At - 7pm, March 21, 2023 at Whittakers Musical Museum


General Notice:

Copies of last year’s AGM minutes were circulated on the website and accepted as read as a true and accurate record.


The President’s Report: (copy on website) was taken and accepted as read and as true (Maya/Andy).

Saskia thanked the choir and committee for their support during her time as President and said that she will not be standing for another year due to change of abode off The Island.


The Treasurer’s Report: was taken and accepted as read and as true (Maya/Andy).

(A copy of the accounts is on the website.)

Mark told the choir that the new arrangement with the new auditor, Colin Falconer, who works for My Green Bookkeeper, was working well.

Choir membership was confirmed as $30 per annum and $50 for couples.


Musical Directorís Report:

Anne thanked the committee for their support and offered to continue as musical director for 23/24.† This was accepted by general acclimation with thanks.


Election of Officers

Maya Spence was unanimously voted in as the new President (Saskia/Ann) and took the chair thanking Saskia for her tenure as President.


A new Committee was voted on unanimously.

Anne Willmann as Musical Director

Mark James as Treasurer

Gavin Smart as Secretary

Andy Spence

Joan Kirk

Sandra Alley

Carolyn Smart - Piano Musical Accompaniment

Dee Austring - Communications ex Committee

Susan Triggs agreed to continue as signatory for the committee.


The President gave big thanks to Anne Willmann for her excellent service and creativity for the choir.

A big thank you was also extended to Carolyn Smart for all her work and dedication.

Dee Austring was thanked for her long standing and patient work with communications for the choir.


General Business:


Fire Wardens were reappointed as Mark James, Gavin Smart, Joan Kirk and Ann Jocelyn.


Ann Jocelyn kindly agreed to bring milk each week for the break and choir members are reminded that a $1 a week donation is requested.



Other Business:


The choir members were requested to send updated contact details and addresses to Dee Austring.


Meeting closed in record time at 7.14 and the choir got on with rehearsing for our next Potpourri concert under the talented baton of Anne Willmann.