AGM Waiheke Choral Society 17/03/2015

Present: Andy Spence, Anne Willmann, Ben Cobbett, Carol Handin, Christine Beardon, Dee Austring, Denny Reid, Eric McMillan, Flynn Washington, Jane Griffith, Jeanne Mellamphy, Kara Nelson, Kim Dockley, Kyrie Rose, Mailis Herren, Marion Knight, Maya Spence, Mig Wright, Nassai Herren, Nicolas Herren, Pam Manktelow, Peter Armstrong, Richard Melville, Sandy Alley, Saskia Herren, Sue Triggs, Tess Ward, Willi Willmann, Hemi Hokianga (new), Pip Neville-Barton (new)

Apologies: Mark James, Janet Mayes, Lyn Kemeys, Ann Jocelyn, Hiromi Stewart, Irene Hodson, Norma Cross

Meeting started 19h00

Last year's minutes

Read by Nicolas, proposed by Marion, Jeanne seconded

President's report

Susan said: Early last year some took the opportunity to go and sing Missa Pacifica (D. Hamilton) and Gloria Tonga (J Wells) with the APO.
Easter we performed Handel's Messiah.
The WWII musical written by Reg Towers unfortunately fell through. We subsequently decide to leave a show until this year.
Mid-winter party was great.
Goodbye to Kirsten.
War and Peace concert (Haydn; Mass in C for the war, Handel's Utrecht Te Deum for peace) in November.
Christmas singalong in December then Christmas party with feasting and more singing.
Warwick Broadhead sadly passed away in the beginning of the year.
Thanked the Committee, special thanks to Anne and also thanked all present for attending.

Treasurer's report

In the absence of Mark, Susan reported a loss of about $2500 due to no show having happened.
Proposed by Andy (unless proviso), Dee seconded

Musical Director's report

Richard said: Last year was good and this year will be, too. Has trouble between Shows and Choir. Need to take Island people aboard for shows. Need to encourage people to join as we need more people.
Proposed by Kim, Marion seconded


Subscriptions remain the same. Proposed by Dee, Jeanne seconded
$30 adult member
$10 Student
$50 family

Other Business

Susan mentioned that a full audit is needed (per the Constitution) at a cost of around $1500. It has been decided that we'll remove this from our Constitution. A Special General Meeting will be needed for this (that will need to be advertised).

Susan also stressed we need more members.

Susan further noticed we did not get any funding. We should try to do better in this respect.

Maya emphasised that the missing show caused the loss and we should keep this in mind. She also said that shows are a great way to know each other better. Encouraged all to participate in future shows.

Fat Lady update: Kristen Sorrenson will help with the costumes; Linda Savage has been asked, but has not yet confirmed her availability as director; female parts still need to be filled: Maya has volunteered, but one more needed.

Marion Knight is leaving the Island. Richard praised her for the many years of long work behind the scenes and presented a parting gift. She will be missed.
Marion said: "I'll be back!"

Permission to co-opt committee members throughout the rest of the year has been reiterated. Proposed by Mig, Andy seconded.


President and Musical Director: Richard, proposed by Jane, seconded by Dee: carried
Assistant Musical Director: Anne, proposed by Nic, seconded by Maya: carried
Treasurer: Mark, proposed by Dee, seconded by Andy: carried
Assistant treasurer: Nic, proposed by Andy, seconded by Maya: carried
Secretary: Nassai, proposed by Andy, seconded by Mailis: carried
Communications Manager: Dee, proposed by Susan, seconded by Mig: carried

Committee: Andy, Maya, Susan, Phillip, Mig, Saskia, Lyn, Mailis

Meeting closed 19h42