Waiheke Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of Annual General Meeting held at Whittakers’ Musical Museum, Tuesday 10 March 2009.


The meeting opened at 7.15pm.

Present:  18 current members.  2 intending members.

Apologies: Lyn Kerneys, Jan Scott, Christine Beardon, Mary Melville, Maya Spence

Minutes of the last AGM were read.

Jeanne Mellamphy/Dee Austring That the minutes of the last AGM, 2008, be accepted .  Carried 

No Matters Arising from Minutes.

President’s Report.

Philip Symonds read his report – copy attached.

Ann Jocelyn/Janet Mayes That the President’s Report be accepted. Carried


Treasurer’s Report

Mark James presented the audited Financial Statement for the year ended 31 December 2008.

He drew attention to the fact that although the Society is still in a healthy financial state with assets at 31 December  of $9571.00, a Reserve Fund of $9643.00 and an additional $2,000 Grant from Auckland City Council’s Creative Communities Fund for Children’s theatre workshops, the Society’s balance of Income and Expenditure for activities over the year ending 31 December resulted in a Net Deficit of –$1750.00. He suggested that the Society should keep this in mind and proceed with some caution in committing funds for productions this year.

Ann Jocelyn/Philip Symonds That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. Carried.


Musical Director’s Report.

Richard said he had enjoyed his work with the choir over the past year which he described as “successful in a friendly way”.  The highlight was The Messiah which he felt came together really well and resulted in a wonderful experience for both participants and the large audience who attended. He said it would be neither possible nor desirable to try and replicate the experience, but he is looking forward to a different and equally successful presentation of other parts of the Messiah this year, hopefully engaging the same soloists who all performed so well. He acknowledged the work of Philip and the committee as well as accompanists Marion Robertson and Kara Nelson.

Dee Austring/Janet Mayes That the Musical Director’s Report be accepted. Carried.


General Business


Mark/Ann That Harrop & Hargreaves be reappointed as auditors for 2009. Carried


Kara Nelson/Dee Austring That the annual subscription be reduced from $30 to $25. 1 For - Remainder against. Not Carried.


Mark James/Jeanne Mellamphy That the annual subscription remain at $30 Carried.


Andy Spence/Lesley Smith That there be a Family Rate of $50 For 14 Against 3   Carried.


Judy Oliver/Marion Knight That there be an annual subscription of $20 for children/students. For 6: 9 Against. Not Carried.


Mark James/Dee Austring. That the annual subscription for children/students be $10. For 13 Against 2 Carried.

Christmas Concert Proceeds

It had earlier been agreed that the proceeds of the Christmas Concert ($175.00) be donated to a community group. Two groups were proposed at the AGM. Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust and Whittakers’ Musical Museum. Philip took a vote from a show of hands. Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust 13 / Whittakers Musical Museum 5. Lesley Smith suggested and there was general agreement that funds could be donated to Whittakers during the year for a particular purpose in appreciation of their accommodating the Society.


Election of Officers

Richard agreed to be reappointed Musical Director for the coming year. This was followed by a spontaneous round of applause.


Officers (elected unopposed)

President: Philip Symonds (Proposed Richard Melville, Seconded Judy Oliver)Carried unanimously

Treasurer:Mark James (Proposed Dee Austring/ Seconded Rosemary Burns)Carried unanimously

Secretary:  Marion Knight (Proposed Ann Jocelyn/Seconded Janet Mayes)

                    Jeanne Mellamphy (Proposed Marion Knight/Seconded Rosemary Burns

Jeanne suggested and Marion agreed that they share the position of Secretary. Carried unanimously.

Committee: Dee Austring, Janet Mayes, Judy Oliver, Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Seth Tetley-Jones.

(Ann Jocelyn declined nomination)


Additional Business

Rosemary Burns asked that the Choral Society contact phone number on  the Palm Beach Hall noticeboard be updated. It was agreed that, as the hall is no longer used by the Society, the details could be deleted. Instead, updated contact details should be listed in the What’s On ?Column of Gulf News, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Auckland City Council website, and Waiheke Library. To be given further consideration by the incoming committee.


The meeting closed at 8.00pm