Waiheke Choral Society Inc.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

 Held 11 March 2008 at Palm Beach Hall, Waiheke Island


The Meeting opened at 7.45pm.

Present: Jack Watson in the Chair and 24 members.

Apologies: Jan Scott, Pat Sullivan, Marion Robertson. Sustained Jeanne Mellamphy/ Marie Watson

Minutes of the last AGM were read and confirmed unanimously. Marie Watson/Dee Austring

Matters Arising from Minutes: George Hudson agreed to continue as Patron of the Society after leaving the Island.


President’s Report

Jack Watson presented his report for the past year. (copy attached)


Financial Report

Mark James presented a verbal Financial Report with a Statement of the Society’s financial position as at 31 December 2007.(copy attached)

Mark explained that most of the net surplus of $7,748.00 represented profits from the production of The King and I. He acknowledged the successful efforts of Colin Beardon, who raised $2,000.00 in Sponsorship, and an A.C.C. grant from the Creative Communities Fund of $1,000.00 which together enabled the Society to pay the “up front” costs of staging the show. He noted that this surplus puts the Society in a healthy financial position for the coming year.

The Koha collected at the Christmas Concert amounted to $126.00 and has traditionally been donated to a charity. The AGM needs to decide where the money will go.

Mark noted that the Society’s subscription should be set at the AGM and an Auditor officially appointed. He also informed the meeting that the Charities Commission had recently  changed the rules relating to Incorporated Societies, requiring us to re-apply for Charitable Society Status.


Musical Director’s Report

Richard described the production of The King & I as a “great success” and acknowledged the hard work of everyone involved over several months of rehearsals.  “The gestation process was exceeded only by an elephant” He thanked the committee for having the courage to go ahead with it.

Richard then noted that the Choral Society had been running for 32 years, probably making it the “longest surviving cultural society on the island” with a lot to be proud of. However, he reminded us t that it was” important not to rest on our laurels”.Noting that variety is a significant factor in the Society’s success he said he would not like to see us become solely a theatrical society or solely and choral group. “Whatever we do we have to do it well as there are now many events for the public to choose from on the island,” he said.

Richard said the biggest challenge to the Society was the high turnover of personnel which made it difficult to plan ahead. “We have to wait and see who turns up,” he said.

Richard acknowledged Jack Watson for ohis “gentle Presidency”, saying it was great to have his support there at the top, supported by Marie. He also acknowledged the work of the Treasurer, Mark, and Secretary, Ann and Jeanne Mellamphy for the Newsletter.

Before concluding his report, Richard paid tribute to Jan McCartain who died last year. “We have great memories of the times we shared with her.” Finally he thanked his wife, Mary who continues to work in town to ennable him to come over to Choir practices and added “I’ll continue to come on Tuesday nights as long as one person is here.”


It was moved by Jeanne Mellamphy and seconded by Rosemary Burns “That the Annual Reports from the President, Treasurer and Musical Director by received” Carried.


That the Annual Subscription remain $30.00 for the coming year.Carried

Nominations for President:

Andy/Maya  nominated Philip Symonds for President.

No further nominations received.

 Jeanne/Dee That nominations be closed. Carried

Philip was declared President for the coming year with acclamation.

Nominations for Secretary.  

Dee/Chris H. nominated Ann Jocelyn for Secretary.

No further nominations were received.


That nominations be closed.Carried

Ann was declared Secretary.

Nominations for Treasurer

Jeanne/Ann nominated Mark James No further nominations were received.

 Ann/Judy That nominations be closed. Carried.

Mark was declared Treasurer.

Committee Members

The following people were nominated for the committee and indicated they were willing to accept.

Dee Austring

Andy Spence,Maya Spence,Marion Knight,Judy Oliver,Janet Mayes,Jeanne Mellamphy

Chris/Marie moved that nominations be closed. Carried.

Philip Phillip/Andy moved that Harrop and Hargreave be re-appointed as auditors. Carried.

Dee moved that Richard be re-appointed Musical Director. Carried

Ann/Rosemary moved that George Hudson be re-appointed as Patron of the Society in absentia.


At this stage of the meeting Philip Symonds, the new President, took the Chair.

He thanked Jack Watson for the great job he had done as President.

Jeanne/Philip moved a vote of thanks and appreciation to Jack Watson for the great job he had done as President. Carried.

General Business

Philip told the meeting that this year the Society would be going back to a lot of Choral Work  as it was recognized that the full choir didn’t have a lot to do during the show last year.

He said this year, more people could be involved in a Cabaret style concert mid-Winter and another event later in the year.

Auction of Costumes.

In response to a question, Andy explained that the Costumes had been passed in at auction on Trade Me without meeting the Reserve. However, he said there was some interest on E Bay but the cost of transporting costumes around the world was a major issue. He had therefore listed them again on Trade Me and would discuss the matter further with the Committee.


Following a discussion of which organization should be given the Koha from the Christmas Concert, a vote was taken by show of hands.

Friends of the Street 9; Jassy Dean Trust 1; Child Cancer Foundation 1; Waiheke Coastguard 13

$126.00 will be given to the Waiheke Coastguard.

The meeting closed at 8.40pm followed by a light supper.