Hi Everyone

Despite the absence of the newsletter for the last few months, the choir has been very busy beavering away. The A.G.M. came and went and as usual we had a very small attendance. However we did have enough to make a quorum and we were able to elect a committee. Your new President is Andy Spence, with Marion as secretary and Jeanne to help when needed. Mark is an absentee Treasurer with Dee as acting Treasurer until his return. Dee is also the Communications Co-ordinator which means please open your e.mails regularly for news updates. The rest of the committee are Janet Mayes, Maya Spence, Seth Tetley Jones and Lyn Kemeys. Judy Oliver stepped down from the committee but is still heavily involved with Forum and Philip is very busy doing a special course.

The Mozart mass is coming along very well, in spite of early difficulties with the music, we are finally getting to grips with it. I think we were over confident because the Messiah came together. As most of us knew most of it, or bits of it, we thought we’d get this under our belts fairly fast. But it was new territory to most of us and we really had to work hard. We are getting there and we are now reasonably comfortable with it. Now if we could only fit the Latin into the notes above! Many thanks to Mark who made the parts available on the web and to Andy who has made C.D’s of the parts available. We have been getting good attendances at choir practise and our grateful thanks to Kara who plays for us and also to Rosemary who helps out. We have no dates yet for the concert and we still have more music to come.

Forum is coming along nicely and backstage help is under control. It is proposed to perform the show with the audience seated at tables and have interaction between the cast and the audience. We will have to work hard on ticket sales and need to seat seventy people per performance. Tickets will be $25.00 for adults, senior $20.00, and children $15.00. The performance dates for Forum are June 24th, 25th, 26th times two and 27th. Then the following week it will be July 1st, 2nd, 3rd times two, and we pack out the theatre on Sunday July 4th.

Subs have been coming in regularly and this is just a gentle reminder to those who haven’t paid. They can be given to Andy or Dee at choir or post to Waiheke Choral Society at P.O.Box 333 Oneroa.

Just to let you know that Kara is going into hospital to have her knee fixed. She goes in on Wednesday and will have the op on Thursday. She would love to have visitors because she needs a good laugh. All our love and best wishes for a speedy recovery Kara.

Jeanne Mellamphy