Hi everyone,


After all the very satisfying conclusion to Peter Pan, it is hard to realise that it is all over. But not quite. We will be having a final get together of cast, crew, friends and choir members on Friday July 17th 6.30pm. at Artworks. Bring a plate for a pot luck dinner and dessert, to start at 6.30pm. Then we will be having a screening of the Peter Pan D.V.D. on the big screen. In case you did not know, this screen is the full width of the stage, so it will be watching the production on a full-size cinema screen. A slight improvement on the T.V. Dinner will start at 6.30pm, then the showing of Peter Pan and then dessert. The Bar will be open.


Our show for 2010 will hopefully be ďOliverĒ. I say hopefully, because ,as is usual with the choir we always have to have plan B and even plan C at the ready. We have done some preliminary work on this show, but we still have to get the rights etc .So itís not quite in the bag .However this is thinking ahead for next year.


Right now we will be giving a short concert called Six Degrees of Separation, at St. Peters Church in Oneroa on Sunday July 19th at 5.00pm. Richard has been working with the choir with the choir all through the P.P. rehearsals. It will be a short concert but a good one and it will also highlight the different capabilities of our members. We will be performing works by Mozart, Schubert, Taverner and Faure. It would be nice to see some of our younger members from the show there, just to let them see another aspect of music.


In May of this year we gave a short recital at the Library for Music Month and we have been given a lovely certificate of appreciation from the library. Also we are hoping to update the wall of photographs at Artworks . So watch this space (wall).


We start serious rehearsals for the Messiah on July 21st.We would welcome any new voices that would like to come. Some people are very nervous about joining a choir. They worry about not being able to sing, but the Messiah is very people friendly and we donít bite. So spread the news. Well, I have no more news for this month so please take note of the dates below.


                                                                  Jeanne Mellamphy.


Friday July 17th  6.30pm Artworks Theatre.

Pot luck dinner and showing of Peter Pan D.V.D The Bar will be open and please bring a plate suitable for dinner / dessert.


Sunday July 19th 5.00pm at St. Peters Church, Oneroa.

Concert. Six degrees of separation. Dress for concert: Black trousers/skirt coloured top /tie.


Tuesday July 21st 7.30pm at Whittakers

Start of Messiah rehearsals.