Hi everybody,

Itís incredible the amount of work that we can pack into one month. What with the play, Music Month and a concert, we have all been very busy.


PETER PAN UPDATE. Only a few more weeks to opening night and everything is on track. There is a tremendous amount of work going on by an army of unseen workers and, thanks to them, we can see a good light at the end of the tunnel. The set is completely eco-friendly being made entirely of recycled materials, and special mention must go to Colin Beardon for his vision. It will be a delight to young and old when we open up their eyes to a lost world and a long forgotten childhood. Who didnít want to hold on to their youth? So please spread the word. IMPORTANT. We know that every adventurous young person (and also a few of the more mature of us ) would love to fly, BUT because the flying apparatus has been custom made for Ben, Forrest and Kerry, it can only be used by those three people. And for safety reasons there can be NO exceptions. So please do not ask to have a go. Your bodies are very precious to your parents and should be to you also. This has already been stated in an e-mail, but we canít emphasise it enough..

There will be a make-up workshop run by Jayne Rushton for parents and cast and we would like as many people as possible to attend, as the knowledge gained will be very useful for future productions. This will be held on Saturday May 2nd from 1-3pm. at the Theatre.

You might be interested to know that J.M.Barrie willed all the performance rights for Peter Pan to the Childrens Hospital in Great Ormond Street in London, and the cost of these rights are still given to the hospital .Great progress is being made, scripts are nearly all down and the fight and dance scenes are coming along very nicely. Philip is very pleased with everyone on their progress. There is a costume call on May 3rd at rehearsal.  You will all be pleased to know that after the final matinee we will be having an after-show party, to wind down. So please bring a plate to that one ó but more on that later. We need to get the show on the road first .Most of the news in this letter has been e-mailed to you by Dee but it is important that it be said again.


NEWS FOR AND OF THE REST OF THE CHOIR. As you know there is a choir practice on Tuesday nights after rehearsal and Richard has to take off one hat and put on his more serious musical one ó also Philip and some of the cast have to get into serious mode and it is a very long night for these people. We have a lovely selection of songs by Mozart, Schubert, Vivaldi and others. This concert, known as ďSix Degrees of Separation,Ē will be performed at St. Peterís Church in Oneroa around June 15th. This date will be confirmed. Entrance will be by koha. Also, the month of May is Music Month, and the choir has been invited to sing at the Library on May 2nd at 11.00am.



Make-up workshop                May 2nd.1-300pm at the Theatre

Music month at the Library    May 2nd.11.00am

Costume call for P.P.              May 3rd at rehearsal time

Six degrees of Separation       June 15th  and this date could be changed.


So thatís it for this month. Dee will be in touch with any changes that happen before the next newsletter.

                                                          Jeanne Mellamphy