Hi Everone,

We had a very successful A.G.M. recently with a good attendance, and we even had time to get some singing done. After two years, Anne Jocelyn has decided not to stand as secretary .She has steered us through some very successful shows and done all the extras that the job has called for. Many thanks from us all for your patience and a job very well done .So the committee is as follows. President: Philip Symonds. Secretary: Jeanne Mellamphy and Marion Knight (shared). Treasurer: Mark James. Email Communicator: Dee Austring. And the rest of the hard working gang are Janet Mayes, Andy and Maya Spence, Judy Oliver, Seth Tetley Jones and Richard Melville ( the Boss ).


Our finances are in a healthy position and this is also a reminder that Subs are now due. $30 per person, and $50 per family, payable at choir (to Philip at the moment) or P.O. Box 333 Oneroa. I will be gently nudging your memories over the next few newsletters, so if you have already paid, thank you for being so prompt and please ignore our pleas.


Still on finance, the Koha from our concerts usually goes to a deserving cause on the Island, and this year, it was decided to give it to the Westpac Helicopter service. This was the Koha from The Messiah. A Capella has joined with the general choir for the moment and they will be singing some songs at our next concert (more info. on that later).


Some dates for the year are still being juggled (except for Peter Pan, which are confirmed. Our choir membership is very healthy in spite of some members overseas or going overseas. Not everyone wants to take part in stage productions but the beauty of it is that you can choose.


We have been in existence for thirty-three years and we have grown to include all age groups and many different facets of music and musical drama/comedy/pantomime.


We are hoping to arrange a make-up work shop for the Peter Pan children (run by Jayne Rushton).


It is Music Month in May and we will be singing a selection of music which we are presently working on at the library. Letís hope that the weather will be a lot kinder than it was the last time we sang there.


Peter Pan Update: Peter Pan is on a roll. Everything is on schedule, parts are coming together, as is the music. The choreography is great, especially the fight scene. The children are becoming more professional as they are learning their craft and the ideas behind the scenes are incredible. Lighting, sets, sound, graphics, etc. are in professional hands and although it is a lot of very hard work it is great to see it all coming together and we are very lucky to have such dedicated people behind the scenes. We are hoping to make a short video of two minutes to be shown at the cinema and Mark will put it on U-tube and we will attempt to have it advertised in City Scene as well as the usual outlets. Ticket prices are $20 adults, $15 concession (students etc.) $10 children with a concession of $50 for a family.


Just to let you know that Mark, Janet and Marion will be away for short periods. Not all at the same time, thank goodness, and their jobs have all been temporarily reassigned.


Well, thatís all the news for the moment. If you are not getting the newsletter, please let me know, as we are still updating our membership details. Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Jeanne Mellamphy.