Hi Everyone,

It seems a long time between newsletters but we have had nothing to report. However that does not mean that we have been doing nothing. Both Acappella and choir have been working very hard. Music of the Tudor Court is ready for the performance which will be at Whittakers on Oct. 18th at 5.00pm.

The Messiah is also going very well with all of the difficulty just needing a bit of Richard’s tweaking. It has helped that we are familiar with it but there are some rather tricky passages that needed a lot of work, so it doesn’t do to get complacent. Some Acappella members are working on the Messiah as well and that means a good three and a half hours singing which is a big commitment. Richard works very hard with us all and we all get such a lot of pleasure from it. A very big thankyou to Marion who plays for us. She is very patient. The Messiah will be performed at St Peter’s Church on Sat. Dec. 6th at 6.30pm and Sun. Dec. 7th at 4.00pm. The Christmas break-up party will be held at the Onetangi Hall after the Sunday performance of The Messiah on Dec. 7, 7.00pm. This will be our last social occasion for the year. Please bring a plate suitable for dinner, hopefully the Society will be supplying a ham. Also we have a bit of fun afterwards, so please bring a nonsense present from the $2.00 shop or Loose Change, nicely wrapped, so that our resident Santa can give out some good cheer. Please keep your present under $5.00 and last but not least bring yourself and an item for entertainment.

We had a great social night out at the Bowling Club to wrap up the show. The food was great as were the guests, and many thanks to Marion for providing the music and song sheets. A few members were missing due to being overseas at the time so we hope you can all make it to the Christmas “do”.

It was decided at our last committee meeting to give Artworks the sum of $3000 to help purchase better lighting. All other users have been asked for a donation, but as we are the biggest users of the facility we felt that the amount would give their funds a much needed boost, and we will benefit greatly when next we use it. We have also applied for funding to help people especially the younger people with musical training, drama and choreography. This will help with future productions. Also Dee is preparing an application to apply for help with the costs of hiring the hall. As you can see a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes.

Finally, it is great to be going to choir during daylight, indeed Acappella even go home while it is still light.

Please remember these dates:
Oct. 18th at Whittakers for Music from the Tudor Court at 5.00pm
Messiah, Sat Dec 6th 6.30pm and Sunday Dec. 7th 4.00pm at St. Peter’s Church.
Christmas Break-up Dec. 7th at 7.00pm, at Onetangi Hall, bring a plate etc.

That’s it for now.

Jeanne Mellamphy