Hi everyone

Well the year is racing along and Christmas is now giving us notice that it is just around the corner. This is just a short newsletter to let you know what has been going on in the choir and what mischief we are planning for the future. We can be likened to the shamrock or a piece of oxalis, three leaves joined at the stem( depending how romantic you are), Acappella, musical shows and serious music/concerts, making us a truly community choir.a

NEWS OF THE PANTO. We are very close to opening night at Rocky Bay and thereafter at Artworks. Rehearsals look pretty chaotic but it is an ordered chaos with all the bits and pieces coming together. The children and young ladies are doing well under the steady hands of Judy and Meya .and the adults are working well with the younger people. The play part is coming along well, being rehearsed separately .Richard is a sight to behold and as for the two gormless brothers !!! Go to the show and enjoy it.

Tickets are available from Marion ,3721000,and Cut and Curl. Ann Jocelyn has also agreed to help with the tickets 3728274.

ACAPPELLA Acapella recently sang Mass at St. Peters church. And it was well enjoyed by all the congregation and visitors. They have been working very hard and Richard hopes to repeat it at Whittakers in October, so you will have another chance to hear them.

AFTER LAST PANTO IN LITTLE ONEROA After all the raucous fun and games of the Panto it is time to get down to some serious stuff .We will be doing Part 1 of the Messiah, which is the Christmas bit and a lot more joyous than the Easter bit . Quite a few of our members sing wit Sing Waiheke, and they recently performed “The Armed Man” by Karl Jenkins. They joined with two other choirs from Auckland and St Mathews Chamber orchestra at the Town Hall. It is a very serious and moving piece of music backed up by a video of war and peace images, commissioned for the millennium. They did a fantastic job and congratulations to Ian Tetley and all who took part.

Just a little bit of info for newer members about music on the Island. We actually have three choirs plus school choirs resident here. “Sister Shout” who are a brilliant and vibrant Acappella group who mainly sing Gospel type of songs, “Sing Waiheke” who do a lot of serious music along with other types and The Choral Society” who do a lot of different things musically and run the whole spectrum. Some of our members belong to all three choirs .We have a great versatility within our choir. Where else does a person go from being a stately king to a gormless twit to taking a full part in an Oratorio. Come to that, where else do you get a Marge Simpson look alike to a great musical director? We are also getting the youth of the Island interested in music via our shows., which is why we are a community choir ,and we also have been in business for thirty three years without going into recess. We also have several long term members .Not a bad record. We had the pleasure of an unexpected visit from our Patron George Hudson and Judy. They were making a quick trip to the Island and will be up again to see the show .Finally members are reminded that subs are due and can be paid to Mark or post to P.O..Box 333 Oneroa. Children participating in the show are asked to contribute $10.00 towards costs .Please read your E.mails asap for important information .from Dee re the show.

Jeanne Mellamphy