Waiheke Choral Society Newsletter – November 2007


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since the last newsletter but Dee and Marion have done such a good job passing on messages by phone and email that hopefully everyone has been kept up to date. In fact Dee has been so efficient in initiating and maintaining this communication process that we have co-opted her onto the Committee to continue in this role. Philip, whose energetic input is always valuable, has also been co-opted back onto the committee. Meanwhile Jeanne, who has kept us entertained and informed with her newsletters for several years, is taking a well-earned break while she recovers from knee surgery. She is currently staying with her daughter in Auckland but is expected to return to the island this weekend.

Well, as you all know, the Society’s biggest production ever, The King and I, was a dazzling success, thanks to the tireless efforts of so many people, on stage and behind the scenes. What you may not know is that the show was also the Society’s most successful financially-much to the relief of our treasurer!  With only one more account (for Royalties) to be paid, the profit from ticket sales and refreshments after all expenses have been paid is expected to be over $7,000.00 thanks to our sponsors and great audiences. This excludes any proceeds from the sale of the costumes which Andy is going to put up for auction as a package on Trade Me in the New Year. 

Carrying on the theme of the show, 82 Society members, partners and invited guests, celebrated with a scrumptious Thai dinner at the Waiheke Bowling Club a few weeks ago.  We provided our own entertainment. With Marion on the piano, everyone got the chance to sing those now familiar songs from the show, followed by old favourites from other musicals which many of us remember from our youth. Kit added a Waiheke flavour with three songs celebrating our Island.

One of the many positive spin-offs from the show has been an increase in the Society’s membership, with extra voices boosting all sections of the choir. Free from the pressure of rehearsals, the focus has been on preparing Christmas Carols for a seasonal concert. Efforts to settle on a date that avoids clashes with other Christmas concerts and/or prior commitments of members, have proved difficult. Richard has now proposed that we hold our Christmas concert in the Palm Beach Hall on Tuesday 18 December at 7.30pm. Please bring a plate of finger food for supper and invite your family and friends to join us. (No ticket sales. Entry by Koha – Proceeds will be donated to a worthy cause) 

A less fortunate, but unavoidable, result of the time commitment required for the show, was that the smaller A Cappella choir had to abandon attempts to fit practices around rehearsals and go into recess for a few weeks. Regular practices resumed in September at 6.00 – 7.15pm on Tuesdays at Whittaker’s. Richard is keen to continue working with this group next year and would welcome additional voices. So if you’d like to try something different, eat dinner earlier than usual on Tuesdays next year and join in from 6.00pm.

This will be the last newsletter for this year. On behalf of the committee I wish everyone a peaceful and joyful Christmas season and more happy singing together in 2008.

Ann Jocelyn


Dates to mark on your calendar.

Christmas Concert     Tuesday 18 December – 7.30pm Palm Beach Hall (Bring a plate)

First Practice 2008     Tuesday 5 February 2008 – 7.30pm Palm Beach Hall. (Bring a plate)