Hi Every one,

Jan McCartain.

One of our friends and long standing choir member recently died after a tough, brave battle with illness. Jan had been a real pillar of the choir, taking part in every production and working hard behind the scenes. Indeed, she was still hoping to do front of house for our current production. She was a committee member for many years and served a term as President as well as organising the Palm Beach Hall for us. She wasn’t averse to cleaning up afterwards either, and was always last out of the door at every rehearsal, making sure that everything was in its place and O.K.A memorial service was held for Jan at Palm Beach Hall so we could all say goodbye. The choir sang two of her favourite songs” Ave Verum ‘ and “When you walk through a storm” Jan certainly held her head up very high. We have dedicated the show to her memory.

The King and I

When we had the first complete run through of the show there was much relief, it only had a few minor hiccups and just needed tweaking. Lines were well learned as were songs and movement. Richard spent a long time with the music rehearsing the solos and the chorus, then with the orchestra, who had a tricky score to deal with. Many thanks to Ann Willman, who spent hours playing for rehearsals .Also to the orchestra who we all met later on in the piece .Richard is also the co-producer with Philip. Judy Long spent many hours rehearsing the two teams of children in the ballet scene until it was up to her standard. Principals rehearsed at their homes as well as at the theatre. The work behind the scenes was enormous. Hair and wigs looked after by Teresa of Cut and Curl ,all those wonderful costumes by Ann and her band of helpers and sewing bees. The incredible masks and headgear all made to custom fit by craftspeople within and without the choir. The forest, rain and snowflakes all made by the same people. Lighting was done by Howard Tennant, with help from Stan Edwards and Steve Tysoe. Stage Manager Stan Edwards, set design and construction Stan, Steve and helpers. Programme, tickets sponsorship and advertising by Colin Beardon, who had a deadline to keep because he and Christine were off to Spain for a month just before the show opened. This is the biggest production seen on the Island with the biggest cast. It is a visual feast of colour and music . If there was an expert out there we used them. Nothing has been left to chance and the rest has been sheer hard work and commitment on the part of everybody.

Our best wishes go to Ann Kilgour who has been in hospital and many thanks to Rebekah Tysoe who stepped into her part, word perfect, until she is well.The show has had its ups and downs with little things sent to try us, the long power cut at one of our rehearsals, the Principals never missed a beat. And the fire alarm which went off on Opening Night, which sent cast and audience out into the rain until the fire dept came and turned the wretched thing off. However we all smiled ( albeit through gritted teeth )and got on with it. The show must go on We are having a great run with nearly full and full houses and we are definitely going to run it a third weekend.It has been a great show and so much fun it will be hard to let it go .However it has to come to an end and we can look forward to a small concert about the end of Nov. beginning of Dec.Choir returns to normal rehearsals on Tues. Oct. 2nd.

Other News.

For those not involved with the show, a group of dedicated acappella singers have been practising with Richard throughout. They recently sang at the Evensong service at St Peters Church while the Anglicans and Catholics signed an historic document sharing the church for their services. Acappella group sing a wide variety of music and new members are more than welcome

A plea for help.

Whittakers need more volunteers to man the door.It is open between 1.00pm and 4.00pm. every day, so if you can spare some time your help will be greatly appreciated. It will help to ease the burden on the other volunteers. Phone Marion on 3726525

We have been very fortunate over the past years having our newsletter sponsored by Harveys Realty. We have enjoyed a great relationship with them, and great support and enthusiasm from thestaff. We really can’t thank them enough. The newsletter is the artery of the choir, bringing all events and information ti all members, including members who have left the Island but still wish to be in touch with the choirs doings. So, best wishes to Harveys and staff who have now left the Island, and thank you for your support .The good news is that the real estate agents Barfoot and Thompson have agreed to support the newsletter, so we look forward to a long association with them.

Birthday greetings go to Stan Edwards and Andy Spence for August and to Mary Melville, Meya Spence and George Blanchard for September, I’m sure you all had a great day.

Jeanne Mellamphy

Our web sight is www. Waihekechoral.org.nz If you need any info you will find it there.

And don’t forget the first rehearsal for all choir members after the show is Oct.2nd.