Hi Everyone,

I had already written this newsletter when we had some more news for you making the last one obsolete. So here is the updated version.


The show is coming along very well and is getting to the exciting stage where every thing is coming together, both in front and behind the scenes. Opening night is coming closer. A lot of time and heaps of energy from a lot of people is bringing the show to fruition. We hope to have a complete run-through of the show very soon. Meya and Judy have been working very hard on the ballet scene ,and not only with the choreography. They have a complete visualisation of the finished scene, set, props etc.

Wardrobe is under the very capable hands of Ann Sutton and her very willing and tireless hands of her helpers. Lightning decisions on the spot re the outfits are normal. I have seen the costume sketches of the ballet scene and they are fantastic. This show is beautifully dressed and is a credit to every one in wardrobe. Ann is looking for old white sheets suitable for dyeing for the monks costumes and we would be very grateful if you have any.

Hairdressing and wigs are being looked after by Teresa from Angels Hairdressing in Oneroa ,and props are being assessed and assembled. Steve Tysoe has made a model of the set so that you can see it, Rebekah is doing an interior design of the set for colours etc. .So very shortly you can all see what everyone else have been doing. The children have been very good especially trying to be very quiet when off stage and many thanks to the mothers who are organising them especially when it comes to drinks and bikkies .Now we are at Artworks every-one has a better idea of positions particularly the directors who now have the scenes contained and a better vantage point .From now on it is very important that you turn up for rehearsals. The show has now passed the point of no return and we are completely committed to put it on. Rehearsals are gaining momentum and a full cast complement is essential. Legitimate reasons for being absent are accepted, we are not tyrants, but please, please, let Dee, Meya or Philip know in good time if you cannot come. Everyone is an essential part of the show, and if you don’t turn up because you forgot, you are letting other people down. The show is very exciting and is going exactly where it is supposed to be , so be part of it and enjoy. We were originally going to perform it over two weekends but we have decided to add a third weekend if we can.


Acappella will be singing Evensong at St. Peter’s Waiheke at the end of July. As you know the Anglican Church shares St,P’s with the Catholic Church and it is great to see other congregations using it. As from June 26th Acappella will be at Artworks.

Also at Artworks there will be rehearsals for T42 at 4.15pm.after the show rehearsal. This is to work in with Richard’s very busy schedule, bearing in mind that he travels from Auckland for the choirs activities .So we will see how it works out .We will also be doing a Christmas Carol concert, possibly with Sister Shout later this year. So stay tuned for further developments. There will be quite a void after the show when everyone is trying to get back to normal after all the excitement. There are still a few subs due and these can be paid to Mark at rehearsal or posted to Waiheke Choral Society, P.O. Box 333 Oneroa. We also have a very good web site at www.waihekechoral.org.nz This will give you the latest news, minutes etc.

We have had a few choir members travelling or about to depart our shores for warmer climes. Welcome back to Mark who has been in America visiting family, and to Stan and Alison who have been in Australia, and bon voyage to Colin and Christine Beardon who are off to Spain for a few weeks.

Birthday Greetings to Freda Blanchard for May and to Maryu Batten, Jan Mc Cartain, Lesley Smith and Mike Karetai for June, I hope you all enjoy special day.

One last thing; For all of you who use Rawleigh’s products, they are no longer available at Whittakers. However Rosemary Burns has taken over the franchise and will be delighted to provide these products and be of service to you. .Rosemary lives at Motherwell 102 Ocean View Rd, ph 2744 opposite the Artworks complex and right next door to the butcher with the delightful sign which is so worrying to the compliance police .Just phone Rosemary or see her

Jeanne Mellamphy

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