Hi everyone

Well the countdown to the end of the year has begun and the choirs are getting rather busy. We have just had a fantastic concert Mainly Mozart where we really excelled. Feed back from the public has been tremendous and it was one of those concerts where the Choir ,audience and music were as one. It was a great dedication to Sister Joan and was a pleasure to be part of it. Being a formal concert it was one of those occasions where we wore formal choir dress,.and that was another piece of feedback from the public which was most complimentary. It is very important that we keep the formal choir dress for special occasions. So, many thanks and congratulations to everyone who took part in bringing the concert to its great conclusion

IOLANTHE Iolanthe is shaping up very well and rehearsals are in full swing. Principals are rehearsing separately and some chorus practices are being rehearsed separately. Thissaves time, with various parts not having to wait around for their turn to practise, so men and ladies will sometime rehearse on their own and then come together later. Because we have a seated chorus on stage we have a strong backing. This was a great idea because some of us who can’t prance around on stage can still have a full input to the show leaving those who are more agile to get on with it .Stage blocking for the cast will be on October 1st. We need somebody to handle the ticket sales and if you can do it we will be very grateful. Please see Philip if you can help.

ACAPPELLA Acappella will be singing a programme of Christmas songs on December 3rd. at St. Peters Church, so as you can see both choirs are very busy. Acappella meet at 6 pm to 7pm Tuesdays at Palm Beach. See Jan McCartain 8373 if you would like to join in , Jan will give you any info you need and you will be very welcome.

FUND RAISER There will be a private fund raiser for the Starship Hospital and we have been invited to sing at a function on November 3rd from 1pm to 2pm. At 64 Korora Road .This is VOLUNTARY. Because of the timing, not everyone can take part. It is a private function being held by a group of people ( I think it could be a progressive lunch) to raise funds for the hospital, and we have accepted the invitation which will be part of our community service. Richard will choose the programme and it will be music with which we are very familiar. Remember it is voluntary, but hopefully you will be free to sing.

SOCIAL CALENDER A block booking has been made for FOOTROT FLATS for Saturday October14th at 7pm at Artworks. Please see Andy if you wish to attend Andy is our Social Secretary and has been very busy organising outings etc. away from rehearsals. The Christmas Bash for the Choir’s break-up will be on Tuesday December 5th. We are hoping to hold it at the Golf Club but this has still to be confirmed. They have different caterers from the last time so the food should be better The Choral Society have good appetites. Hopefully we will be allowed to bring platters of nibbles for each table and there is a bar for drinks. The rest will be catered. We cannot give you a cost yet but we will do so as soon as possible. Also, please bring a small nonsense gift from the two dollar shop or Loose Change. Nothing over $5.please.

OVERSEAS We have a few members currently enjoying overseas trips. Stan and Alison Edwards are away for nine weeks, Rosemary Burns is in Australia and Mark James will be in The States for two months, .Philip will be acting Treasurer while Mark is away. SO I hope the all have a great time and come back raring to go.

BIRTHDAY GREETINGS Happy birthday this month to Meya Spence, Mary Melville and George Blanchard. I hope you all got something special for your special day.

I have in my possession a beautiful pure wool scarf which was left behind at rehearsal a few weeks ago. If it is yours please phone me at 6003, and if no one claims it I will take it to the Red Cross.

Many thanks to Jack Watson who wrote the last newsletter. I was in no condition to even think about it and he did a very good job, so much so that I know that it will be in very Tgood hands, thankyou Jack.

IMPORTANT We are two Mozart scores short , so please return them as soon as possible to Richard, because we have to return them also, and they are very expensive


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Well that’s my little lot for the month of September, as you are aware some of the dates are not confirmed but the Iolanthe ones are

Jeanne Mellamphy