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Newsletter time again with a fair bit of information for you, so please read it carefully and put the relevant info somewhere safe, like in your diary


The Mozart is going well and although we don’t have a definite date yet we are aiming for August. It will be performed at St. Peters Church in Oneroa with a Saturday and Sunday performance. We hope to schedule extra rehearsals on Friday nights. These are purely voluntary and are designed to get to grips with the various parts separately i.e. Bass and tenor ,sopranos and alto. Hopefully we will hold them at someones home. More info at Tues. rehearsal. Mark has done a CD of the music from the Mozart for those who do not have access to a computer, see Mark if you want one .For those of you with a computer , the music is on the NEW website www.waihekechoral.org.nz and many thanks to Mark for all his hard work in getting this up and running.

Acappella will be singing at Evensong Sunday July 16th at St Peters Church ONEHUNGA.(not Oneroa) 2.00pm. ferry going and return on the 7.30pm return. Full choir dress for this occasion please .Black trousers/long skirt and white shirt/blouse, black tie. We are hoping to get a subsidy for ferry tickets.

Iolanthe will hopefully be performed in the first two weeks of November. Most of the ground work has already been done. Musical Director is Richard, choreography and stage manager are all organised and a budget has been approved. It will be performed in modern dress .Brenda has done a modernised synopsis and I am sure you will all enjoy her work. On Tues. July18th which is a normal rehearsal night, there will be a get together for Iolanthe. Principal parts will be worked on separately to normal rehearsals so we will not be losing time on the Mozart.The Iolanthe night is to aquaint you with the music and story. The basics will be explained and we will probably sing a few choruses. Mozart rehearsals will continue as usual at the next rehearsal. Acappella is cancelled on July 18th.

Well we have quite a few members overseas at the moment (getting a bit of warmer weather) Christine Beardon is in Spain and other parts for six weeks visiting family, Andy and Meya Spence are also visiting family on the other side of the world and I believe that Sandy Ally is also travelling. Marion and Peter Robertson are on holiday in Australia. Does anyone want their bags carried? Mark James will be visiting the States later on .Makes you have itchy feet especially in this cold weather.

There will be NO choir on July 4th because Richard and Mary will be away

Finances are quite healthy at the moment, all subs are in and we have been given a grant for our 30th anniversary concert.


NO choir July 4th Richard and Mary will be away.

Iolanthe meeting for every one interested July 18th 7.30pm.

NO acappella July 18th.

Acappella will sing at Evensong at St. Peters Church ONEHUNGA July16th.

Mozart at end of August.

Iolanthe first two weeks in November.

In mid August, Mark James will be taking part in Alan Knight’s The 15th.Minute. There will be two performances at Rocky Bay and two performances at MORRA hall. Do go along and enjoy it, but I have heard that it is for adults only.

Last few words. Please use the new website www.waihekechoral.org.nz you will be surprised at all the info in there.

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