Hi everyone

As I had very little to report last month and also some of our issues were unresolved and still ongoing I didn’t write a newsletter. However, I’ll make up for it this month. With the uncertainty of Artworks, we could not put a firm date on our show, but Philip assures me that all is on track and that Artworks will definitely be open. So , November 11th. 12th. and 13th. are the show dates. Also many of our jet setting choir members will be back home by then. We are planning to do Christmas Carols with other choirs on the Island about December 4th with the choir making a visit to Seaside Sanctuary and the Retirement Home. We will not be participating officially in Carols by Candlelight because of the Christmas pressures on our time. It is hard to realise that we are in the last quarter of the year and we are running up very fast to the years end.

Last Tango in Little Oneroa is well off the ground. There are only a few parts in the play and they have all been allocated. It is not very long and is very funny, as some of you who caught the read through last Tuesday night found out. We had finished our committee meeting early and we had time to read it. The play will be followed by Cabaret. The nuts and bolts of the production are in place but if you can help in any way please let the committee know, I’m sure that we can find a job for you. The set is minimal so no scenery is needed. The play is set around a committee meeting. For the Cabaret it has been decided to dress the set with some floral arrangements and tables, with champagne (strictly not for drinking) and for everyone to be in evening dress. Now this does not mean that you have to rush out to Trelise. Cooper for your outfit and you don’t need a ball gown. If you have an evening dress, and we do have quite a few formal occasions on the Island now, wear that. Otherwise your long black choir skirt with a fancy blouse will do. Men of course are rather lucky, Black trousers, a tux if you have one, white shirt and black bow tie. Bow ties can be made if necessary, just don’t tell me five minutes before the curtain goes up that you need one. Jan McCartain, Marie Watson and myself are in charge of costuming, and that just about covers the upcoming show for the time being.

The programme for next year has been discussed at committee meeting and on the table at the moment are a classical concert of Solemn Vespers by Mozart, Beatus Via by Vivaldi and Contique de Jean Racine. Our main show will be Ruddigore by Gilbert and Sullivan and then we run up to Christmas carols, songs and stories. Please note that these are only on the table at the moment and could be added to and/or changed.

We have a very special date coming up next year, the Choir will be thirty years old. We will be doing something very special for the occasion and your ideas will be very welcome. We hope to get in touch with as many past members as possible so we can all celebrate together.

Now we really need to know your thoughts on the next subject and we need to know them within the next few weeks. The committee decided to put it to the choir what they would like to do for our Christmas break up. Would you like to go out to a restaurant for dinner, or have it at Onetangi Hall. The choir will subsidise whatever we do. If you prefer to have it at Onetangi Hall, do you want it catered for and pay for it or bring a shared Christmas dinner and the society will supply the Christmas ham? It will be on Tuesday December 6th which is a normal rehearsal night and we then break up until the following February.

Acapella rehearsals are going well and they practise on Monday night, new singers are always welcome. Some members are involved in the production of Under Milkwood. If you are unable to attend Acappella practise, please phone Jan McCartain and let her know.

Bon Voyage to Alan and Eileen Boghurst, and Ron and Sylvia Jamieson who are of to Australia for a few weeks to attend a dance Convention and to also have a holiday on the way. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer over there. Mark James and Kit Nelson are still overseas but their bit of R and R is swiftly coming to and end. We look forward to seeing all of you when you return and to hear all of your adventures.

Birthday greetings to Mary Melville and George Blanchard and to anyone else who has a special day. Many thanks to Marion for playing for us at rehearsal and every one who gets into the kitchen and helps at the tea break, it is really appreciated.

Special dates to remember.

November 11th, 12th, 13th, for the show.

December 4th, for carol service

December 6th. for the Christmas break up.

First weekend in October for Carmina Burana by Sing Waiheke and some of our members are singing with them.

That’ all I have for you now, so keep well and don’t forget that we do need your input for the Christmas Break up bash.

Jeanne Mellamphy.

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