Hi everyone,

Just imagine we are on the upward slide to Summer. The shortest day has passed and our Winter Solstice dinner was a great success, as was the entertainment. We went from a lovely piece from Mozart to cotton loading on the Mississippi, and I’m very worried about Albert in the lions stomach. Philip held it altogether with Marion on the piano and Mary Batten and David Heller played and sang with their guitars .It was a good social night and it was really great to be able to relax and chat with each other. I never knew that mouth organs had to be warmed up. I always got the most horrendous noise from the harmonica and to hear Jill play it with such ease and skill was great. Such a useful instrument, it can be tucked in a pocket or handbag like a cellphone, you couldn’t do that with a piano. Marion led the sing-a-long of many old favourites. Thankyou to everyone for all the beautiful food which we all enjoyed after a blessing from Steve Tetley and a big thankyou to all of you who helped to clear up.

The concert was a great success and very profitable. The feed back was great. We had a full house on Sunday and even had to put out more chairs. The hall looked very smart with the front, just below the stage decorated with greenery, proteas, pumpkins and red peppers, giving it just the right touch of warmth. A very big thankyou to everyone who took part in making it such a success. The audience really enjoyed the choice of music and all those lovely pieces from a less stressful age were a joy to sing,( Although the Marching Along chorus was celebrating the end of a war ). The soloists rose to the occasion in spite of a nasty flu bug which hit some people. Unfortunately this is “flu weather and you never know when or who it will strike, so please look after yourselves. . .

The new concert scheduled for September 2nd. 3rd. and 4th.has just got underway and will be in the form of a short play and cabaret. This will be performed at Artworks, which should be well and truly completed by then. The format of the show has been changed from our original idea because we only have ten weeks to rehearse, and we couldn’t possibly do all the things we wanted to do. We need to promote this show as early as possible by word of mouth and other means to get maximum exposure .We have another concert planned for the Christmas Season probably a Choral piece by Mozart or Vivaldi.

All subs are now in for the year and thankyou for your co-operation. Acappella meet on Monday night at the Presbyterian Church and new members are very welcome. They have a lovely programme coming up, William Byrd’s Mass in four parts and it is hoping to perform it at a church service. Look out for Sing Waiheke’s Carmen Burana. Some of our choir members are part of it and I think they are still looking for more singers. They meet on Wednesday night.

Congratulations to Alan and Eileen Boghurst, who were made Life Members of the choir, They were presented with their badges at the Saturday night performance of the concert by Richard.

Kit Nelson is still overseas but should be back shortly. She is having a wonderful time and going all over the place. Mark James holiday in America is also coming to a close and Marian and Peter Robertson are off to New Caledonia for some R and R. We look forward to seeing them all back safely. Birthday greetings this month to Sylvia Jamieson and to Andy Spence.

I would like to say a big thank you to Lesley Smith and the staff who print this newsletter for us. It is sponsored by Harveys Park City Realty MRINZ.Ph. 3725276. So, if you want to rent out your house at Christmas, or buy a new one, you know who to contact.

Well that is all the news for this month. There are no special dates coming up until the concert. Our next social event will be our Christmas Break up, but that is a long way away yet. Just be prepared with a hearty appetite and an item. You have had five months warning.

Jeanne Mellamphy.

This newsletter is sponsored by

Harveys Park City Realty MRINZ ph. 3725276.