Hi every one,

Winter has crept up on us and it was a shock to the system to find we were going to choir practise in the dark. It is rather chilly first thing in the morning and evening so rug up well and try to stay away from winter colds and ‘flu. In the past the run up to the show or concert has always been plagued with illness, and we only have two weeks to go, so stay well. The rehearsals are going very well and its great to be singing the songs with confidence. I was at the back of the hall helping to cut the tickets while the Hebrew Slave Song was being sung, and it gave me goose-bumps.So, hopefully we can do the same to the audience. We are going to need some help during the intervals serving the tea and coffee, if you , your partner or friend can help with this social and mingling part of the programme, we would be very grateful. It is very important to mix with the audience, it gives a two way interaction and we can only do it when we have a concert. We had a good turn out for the Sunday workshop and the choir really got to grips with the tricky bits of the music we just need the final polish.Just a reminder that it is formal dress for the concert. White blouse and long black skirt or slacks for the ladies and black trousers and black trousers, white shirt and coloured tie for the men. By now you will have your tickets in your hot little hands. If you need more please see Philip and return any unsold tickets to him also. There will be NO choir practise the Tuesday following the concert, and the following Tuesday, June 21st. will be our Winter Solstice party. This will be held at the Onetangi Hall at 6.30pm.to 9.00pm. Please bring a plate suitable for dinner and any bubbly etc. you would like to imbibe. Tea and coffee will be provided, and partners and friends are welcome. There will be the usual jollity and conviviality and I’m sure a good time will be had by all. Normal choir practise resumes Tuesday June 28th.at 7.30pm. There will be a dress rehearsal and run through on Saturday June 11th. at 6.00pm. before the concert starts. Acapella has now restarted at the Presbyterian Church, 6.30pm. and all new singers will be very welcome. Alan has updated the constitution and we will be putting it to members for voting at a future Tuesday night practise, to give sufficient notice to all members who are entitled to vote. The date will probably be in the next newsletter. There are a few subs outstanding and after June 30th. we will assume you no longer wish to be a member of the choir and w e will delete your name from the mailing list.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mary Batten, Jan MacCartain, Lesley Smith and Mike Karetai, have a great day. That’s it for now

Jeanne Mellamphy


Concert Dress rehearsal and run through June 11th. 6.30pm. Palm Beach hall.

Winter Solstice party June 21st. 6.30pm. Onetangi hall.

Normal practice nights resume June 28th.Palm Beach hall 7.30pm.

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