Hi everyone

Now our A.G.M. is over, it’s back to business with a vengeance for your committee.We had a very quick and successful AGM, all over and done with in less than an hour and we even had plenty of time for singing. Your new committee is as follows. President, Jeanne Mellamphy, Secretary, Jack Watson, Treasurer, Mark James. Committee members are Philip Symonds, Jan McCartain Pat Atkin, and Marie Watson and the super glue holding us all together is Richard. At our first committee meeting Philip was elected Vice President unanimously. Welcome aboard everyone I can assure you that the choir is in very good hands. Alan Boghurst has started to bring the constitution into the present century. Basically it is a good document, it just needs tweaking a bit. Congratulations to Kit Nelson on a fantastic concert at Whittakers .and we all wish her well for her forthcoming trip. Kit will be away for about four months during the English summer [if they get one,] I was inside brushing my teeth when it passed by last time I was there. When do the books come out from all our travelling choir members. Many thanks to Alan for taking choir practise while Richard was unable to do so and also congratulations to Rosemary Burns for completing the 40hr. famine, not very easy to do. Have you ever tried to go to sleep while hungry, especially when there is plenty of food in the fridge. I just can’t function and get extremely bad tempered .Please feed the lions. Well done Rosemary. Subs are now due and can be paid to Mark at rehearsal or they can be posted to PO Box 333 Oneroa. It would help if you can place them in an envelope with your name on the front, then any committee member can pass them on to Mark if he is not there, Philip will be temporary Treasurer while Mark is overseas.

CONCERT NEWS. At the committee meeting we put all the nuts and bolts in place for the concert Rehearsals are going well and the music is under control. We followed the Code of Practise put in place last year to cover concerts and shows and not only does it work very well, we got it all organised without wasting any time .Richard is the Musical Director and Philip will be in charge of tickets and a few other jobs as well. He really does a darn good job. Publicity and advertising is in place and finally we have ‘dates’ [ not the boy girl type nor the eating variety.] Palm Beach hall on June 11th and June 12th.The WW2 revue will be performed on Sept 12th. We tried for earlier dates but the hall was booked-up .There will be a workshop for the concert on May 15th.at Palm Beach hall at 1pm. Please bring a plate for the workshop .A cappella will also be starting on Monday May 9th. Somewhere in that lot we will be having a social evening eg .mid winter Christmas dinner. More info in following newsletters.

Happy Birthday to Janet Pullen, Judy Hudson, Philip Symonds and Ron Jamieson.

Bon Voyage to Kit Nelson, Mark James, and Mary Batten. Have a safe trip all of you. Special Congratulations to Andy and Meya who have a really special day coming up very soon.

SPECIAL DATES. Workshop May 15th Palm Beach t 8pm Bring a plate

A capella starts May 9th.

Concert June 11th and 12th, Friday practise June 10th

WW2 revue Sept 3rd. and 4th.

And that’s it for now from me to you.

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day [I love this one]

Power Corrupts,

Absolute power is kinda neat!

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