Hi everyone

Welcome back for another year of fun singing and swinging. It was great to see so many of you at our first meeting and a big welcome to all new members. Christmas carols at St. Peter’s was very good and was enjoyed by a large audience. A varied selection of Christmas songs and carols was performed by Sister Shout and both the Monday and Tuesday choirs of the Choral Society, we also sang carols at The Seaside Sanctuary, just before we went to the church.

Our end of year Christmas bash was a hoot. The Christmas ham was a great success and was completely finished, eaten in other words. Andy played Santa with great aplomb and the mad Christmas presents had everyone laughing. Snow White and the seven dwarfs was condensed into a five minute skit and only had six players due to redundancy in the dwarf camp. A great big thankyou to every one who made it such a great night. However the holidays are now over and we are back to the business part of the year. Sing Waiheke have a concert set for April 9th. So do try and get to it. We are hoping to have a concert of a selection of songs for late April or early May. The WW2 concert has been suggested for August giving us a bit more time and finally an end of year Christmas concert. Dates are not available yet because we try not to clash with other concert, plays, pantos etc. and of course it is election year. Please don’t call an early election Helen. We are also going to have some social evenings, just to get together and have some fun. They were a great success last year and give us the opportunity to really mix and mingle, instead of just being Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Basses


The A.G.M. of The Waiheke Choral Society will be held on Tuesday March 22nd. at 7.30pm. at Palm Beach Hall. All welcome

Please give a thought to being on the committee. It is not a hard job and it does help the choir to run smoothly. Meetings are held once a month, and are usually just before choir practise.

Membership fees will be due from the A.G.M. see Mark, of course if you wish they can be paid before hand.

Happy Birthday to Rosemary Burns who had a birthday in February, and to Pat Atkin[I did remember not to muck it up this time Pat] Jill Tetley, Barbara Cuff, and Christine Hoffman and to any one else who recently celebrated their special day

That’s it for now. Please take note of the A.G.M.

Jeanne Mellamphy