Hi everyone

Well this is the last newsletterfor the year and I don’t know where the months have gone. It seems thar the older you get the faster the time flies. The silly season is upon us and you need eyes that swivel 360 degrees.The out of towners bring their driving habits and their urban tanks over here and do damage to our fragile road system We know where the pot holes are, they don’t So watch out for people stopping suddenly, cars almost disappearing in some of our bomb craters and people just stepping out into the road. Also there are more police on the Island so watch your speed, We want to see you all safe and sound next year. There is a plethora of entertainment on the Island. The panto is on for three weekends and some of our members are performing in it so do try and go to it. The Waiheke Choral Society is mentioned in it several times. We have two more performances before Christmas, a visit to Seaside Sanctuary and the Christmas Carols at St. Peter’s Church. The choir end of year break-up will be at Onetangi Hall on Dec14th.at 6.30pm. Bring a plate suitable for dinner and if you want to bring some drink do so. Wear something Christmassy and bring a small wrapped nonsense present. The $2 shop have loads of ideas. We would like one item per person but it’s not compulsory; we have loads of talent and it doesn’t have to be singing, so give it a go.Just a small reminder, The half yearly subs are now due, please see Mark James, or post to P.O. box 333 Waiheke.Our AGM is usually held in March and I know I am getting in early, but please give a thought to coming on to the committee. We meet monthly, usually before rehearsal and we are a nice bunch of people, and your input is needed.WW2 revue is well under way and the basics are in place. Music is being sourced from a variety of places and it is surprising how much there is. My apologies to Steve Tetley for calling him Ian in my last newsletter.

Condolences. Sadly Russell Croucher, one of our members, passed away suddenly last week . Russell had a great love of music and he sang with the Monday choir and at church. He also formed the Waiheke orchestra and conducted it. He was also very helpful to musicians, especially one young man in an orchestra that was visiting here. Just prior to the performance the strings on the young mans instrument parted and Russell replaced them very quickly and the young man performed without any stress, blown away at the speed at which his problem was solved. Our love and best wishes go to Wendy at this time. Russell’s funeral will be held at St. Columba Church, Grey Lynn Friday December 3rd. at 2.30pm.

Choir will be finishing for the year with the Christmas Concert on December 12th.which

will be our final singing engagement But the final get together will be our dinner at Onetangi Hall.Choir restarts in late January early February to get the show going, and we will phone every body to let you know the starting date.We wish to thank Marion for all her hard work playing for us at rehearsals and concerts, and Kit who has helped when Marion wasn’t there. A very big thankyou to Richard for his dedication to us and for a wonderful year of music.

Happy birthday to Richard and to Kit nelson who both had birthdays in December, the chocolate cake was delicious and very decadent.

Special Dates. Seaside Sanctuary Dec. 7th. 6.30pm. Dress , nicely casual

St. Peter’s Church Concert. Dec.12th.7pm. dress formal, Black trousers/Long black skirt, White shirt/blouse and coloured tie for the men.

Christmas Break-up, December 14th at Onetangi Hall 6.30pm. Bring a plate and your partner and friends and have a ball.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas and if you are not into the Christmas thing enjoy the holidays. See you all in the New Year.

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day.

Always borrow money from a pessimist, they don’t expect it back.