Hi everyone

The year is rushing by at the speed of light. We are half way through winter and the daffodils are pretending it’s Spring. The weather is good for snorkel and flippers and thermal underwear one day and the next day you need shorts and suntan lotion. MORRA’s dance was a great success and many choir members enjoyed themselves with the able M.C. Andy Spence. Rehearsals are coming along very well and are a lot of fun. there is a very buoyant and exciting feeling with the choir, we have a good attendance level even though the weather has tried to alternately tried to either drown us or freeze us.Several songs must be keeping the Palm Beach residents away from their T.V. sets especially Jesus Christ Superstar and Oklahoma because they are certainly sung with great enthusiasm and gusto. I hope that the hall roof is well secured as we might well lift it off. Then of course there was the Hokey Cokey. Just Richard’s way of warming up the body and vocal chords and having a bit of fun. At the start and finish of rehearsals several members crawl around on their hands and knees, freeing the piano from its shroud and padlock. Of course the kitchen was locked up by accident last week. To see Philip another choir member disappear on hands and knees through the hatch was a lesson in ingenuity and we still got our cup of tea. We are beginning to recognise rear ends.We now have stronger light bulbs down the piano end of the hall so we can see our music a lot better. Thanks to Peter Armstrong who climbed a rather rickety ladder to change them, with help from choir members who supported the ladder to prevent a fall, and thanks to Jan McCartain who got the stronger bulbs.

I have always felt rather awkward referring to the a cappella choir and the main choir, not any more, I will refer to the Monday choir and the Tuesday choir making it easier to distinguish between them.

Committee News All music has been disposed of and Pat’s garage has been cleared out. Many thanks to Barbara and Wendy who had the thankless task Mark James has been accessing the system for obtaining special grants for community needs, and he has attended two meetings, one in Surfdale Hall and the other in the NZI convention centre. We will be putting in an application for next years show, more later. George Blanchard has resigned from the committee and we have lost an able member. George has been a committee member for several years and has served as Treasurer, He has also done a lot with orchestrating music and other highly technical jobs using his thorough knowledge of his computer and I.T. He has also done a great job lighting several shows over the past years. Thankyou George.

Thankyou everyone for your contributions to the Koha tin. Remember it is voluntary and not more than one dollar. We are having discussions with Linda Deverall and Faye Storer re the Christmas concert. All choirs on the Island take part in this and it is usually funded by the Auckland City Council. Next year is the 60th anniversary of the ending of WW2. and we will be putting on a revue type of show with the WW2 theme. It will be based on the Music Hall format which was so successful several years ago, with songs, skits, sketches etc. from wartime experiences and held together with an M.C. We would like to have you ideas and input.Don’t be afraid if you think your idea is mad, you should have heard the weird and wacky things your committee was tossing around. We are seriously considering serving food at the tables and selling tickets by the table, so groups of friends can book a table. This will take place in May 2005.

Special Dates. Saturday July 31st. 7pm.at MORRA hall Paul Harrop will be conducting the Aotea Youth Orchestra, Mary Melville will be the soloist. $10.00 adults $5.00 children

Tuesday August 3rd.at Onetangi hall 7pm to 9.30pm Yule Foolery please remember to bring a plate and an item, tea and coffee will be provided This is a normal rehearsal night but we will be having a social evening at the Onetangi Hall, so DON’T GO to Palm Beach.

Overseas travel Several lucky people will be heading off overseas shortly, Barbara Cuff and Christine Hoffman are off to Australia, Alan and Eileen Boghurst are off to England and Judy Hudson is off to Italy. Have a wonderful time and a safe journey to all of you.A welcome back to Lesly Smith who has just come back from a great time in the States.

Birthdays Happy birthday to Sylvia Jamieson and Andy Spence who have July birthdays

If any one would like a CD or video of the Beethoven concert please see Richard.

Well I’ve done my dash for this newsletter and that’s all for now

Jeanne Mellamphy.

Joke for the day.

Two elderly ladies were driving in Aucklands busy traffic. the car went through a red light and one elderly lady winced. Then it went through another red light and the passenger gasped as cars went in all directions. As it went through the third red light she could’nt stay silent any longer. She remarked to her companion,”You just went through three red lights.” “Oh, am I driving”? was the answer”.

PS. I forgot to mention that for the MORRA hall concert on September 11th and 12th.concert dress is informal. Ladies wear black slacks or long black skirt and coloured blouse and men wear black trousers, white shirt and coloured tie.