Hi everyone,

It only seems a short while ago that I was writing the last newsletter. It’s amazing how quickly things change and news comes along. Plans go South when you least expect it and you have to scramble and revise them or let them continue on their downward slide and let them go to that vast area of unfinished business. Quite a few halls now have an alcohol ban in place and that is one of the reasons we postponed the Yule Foolery. Also it was clashing with too many other things, not the least being “the MATCH”. So now it will be held on Tuesday August 3rd. at Onetangi Hall 7.30pm onwards. For Supper, please bring a plate and your own beverage, tea and coffee will be provided. Also we would like some items for our own entertainment. Philip will coordinate these as he will be the King of Misrule, he and other members of the choir are very busy with Twelfth Night at the moment. Hopefully the decks will be cleared by then.

The concert at MORRA hall will be held on Aug. 28th and29th times to be advised, so there is still time to join in if you wish. The songs are all familiar so there will be no problem learning them, and you will be more than welcome. Many thanks to Marion who is playing the piano at rehearsals.

Music Disposal To all choir members. For legal reasons [ copyright etc.] please return all choral society music, except that which is in current use, for disposal [recycling]. Wendy Croucher will pick it up on two consecutive Mondays at St Pauls’[ a cappella] and two consecutive Tuesdays at Palm Beach [main choir] Thankyou for your cooperation and I’m sure you will be glad to be rid of it.

With every thing going on last month I failed to tell you about the memorial mass held for Jean Longworth. Several choir members were able to attend. Jean was a Life member of the choir and she died in Australia a year ago. It is very difficulty when members are called upon for a service and not everyone can attend due to work and other commitments etc. Father Kiely offered us a permanent place on the pews nearest the organ but we declined gently. It is very nice and comforting to be able to farewell our friends in song

Congratulations to Christine Jarman on her performance in Spreading Out. Those of us who saw the play really enjoyed it. It was well crafted, well performed by all and also very funny. It was a slice of New Zealand family life and could have been put in a time capsul, resurrected in one hundred years time and still been topical.

Sing Waiheke had a very successful concert over Queens Birthday weekend and many choir members attended it and enjoyed. Don’t forget that MORRA hall will be holding a dance next week at MORRA hall. It will be Old Time through to modern, so take a deep breath and off you go. You need to be really fit for the Old Time dances, I did the Maxina at the ORRA dance and it nearly killed me I don’t know how any one got to know each other , you were too puffed to talk. It will be held June 26th. at MORRA hall.

Code of Practice. The committee have discussed the Code of Practice to be put in place for future shows and concerts and a lot of work was done by a sub committee to put it down for future committees to work from . also a final debrief of Orpheus in Britomart and of the members meeting held at Palm Beach Hall .

Congratulations to Richard for winning “Bouquet of the week’ from the Gulf News and thanks to Andy for nominating him. You said it all in a nutshell and we all feel the same.Birthday greetings to Mike Karetai for a June birthday.

Most other June and July birthdays were in last months newsletter but I missed Mike out.

Subs Most subs are in but if you have forgotten, this is a gentle reminder. They can be paid to Mark James at Tuesday rehearsal or post to PO Box 333. and if you wish to resign please let Mark know or post to the same box number, and we will take you off the postal list.

Special Dates

MORRA Hall dance June 26th MORRA Hall.

Music Disposal Monday 28th June and Monday 5th July at a cappella St Pauls’

Tuesday June 29th and Tuesday July 6th 7.30pm Palm Beach

Yule Foolery Tuesday August 3rd 7030pm Onetangi Hall, items please and a


Concert MORRA Hall August 28th and 29th. Times to be advised.

Well that’s it for now, and as Tommy Handly used to say when signing off TTFN.

Thought for the day

The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Jeanne Mellamphy