Hi everyone

Such a lot has happened since your last newsletter, I was wondering when all the news was going to stop. One committee meeting had to be reconvened a week later because there was so much to get through. As you all know the show came to a stop mainly because a lack of men and chorus members. It was a blow to all concerned because a lot of hard work had already been done especially by the Principals. However due to many reasons the show could not be viable. After a meeting with the cast it was reluctantly decided by the director and cast to call a halt. It was then decided to call a full meeting of the choir and allow members to discuss their feelings and comment on the direction they wished the choir to go. It was very enlightening. The result of the group meeting was that we all wanted to sing, [sacred, modern, light musicals, G and S, in English, in Latin or German] and that we wanted more social contact. So your first special date will be June26th when we will be having a mid winter Christmas ‘Yule Foolery” with Philip Symonds as the King of Misrule. Bring a plate and your own drink and we will finish up the rest of the champagne which has been left over from previous occasions.

Main Choir

The choir have been singing a selection of songs ready for a concert later in the year. this will be at MORRA hall and is to help raise funds for the hall. These include a selection from Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Beatles, O Fortuna from Carmen Burana, and others. A Christmas concert is also in the pipeline

Upcoming Events.

Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the ending of WWII and it has been discussed that we will do a concert of songs from that dark period of time. Always in time of war people sing to keep their spirits up and some beautiful and funny songs, and stirring music come out of adversity,. White cliffs of Dover, Lilli Marlene, Run rabbit run, although the British version was Run Hitler run, run, run. When the lights go on again etc.and many many more. Even the stirring patriotic Pomp and Circumstance and Tchaikovsky’s 1812 was music which gave relief at the ending of hostilities. May we never have to face such dark days again.

Year 2006 will be the 30th anniversary of the choir and it was suggested at the committee meeting that we celebrate it with a trip, possibly to Australia. However we welcome your suggestions and who knows we could be going anywhere. So get your thinking caps on.

Subs are due, Fifteen dollars for half a year and thirty dollars for the full year. Please pay Mark James at choir or post to PO box 333 Oneroa.

A big thankyou to Philip for doing the tea break during choir practice and to Marion for playing the piano

Congratulations to Christine Jarman, who is performing in Roger Hall’s Spreading Out, it has had very good reviews. Several members of the choir have parts in ‘Twelfth Night’ which will be performed at Artworks. Also, best wishes to Sing Waiheke who have a big concert Queens Birthday weekend,

Happy Birthday to Freda Blanchard for May, and to Mary Batten, Jan McCartain and Lesley Smith for June.

Important. There will be no a cappella or choir practice Monday June 7th or Tuesday June 8th It is Queens Birthday weekend, so we will see you all the following week.

Apologies to Eileen and Alan Boghurst, I had them on an overseas trip but they don’t go until later in the year. Lesley Smith is at present in America and will be back in a few weeks and Kit Nelson is in Timaru, look forward to seeing every one home safe and sound.

That’s all for now.

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day.

Remember, if you want the rainbow you have to have the rain,