Hi everyone

I hope every thing is well with all of you and that you are well and rested after the

rigours of Christmas and the school holidays. It is nice to get the shops and roads back to

ourselves again. Although the business people need the tourist dollar, it is a relief to go to

the supermarket and not find the shelves scalped, not to queue for petrol,and to forget that

extra pair of eyes at the back of your head, watching for holiday makers on foot or in

their urban tanks thinking that they are invincible. Seen on a bumper,”If it’s the tourist

season, why can’t we shoot them.”, Nuff said.

Well down to the business part of this letter.

Choir restarts on February 10th at Palm Beach Hall at 7pm. This will be a meet and greet

evening welcoming old and new members. Christine Jarman will outline the art of

auditioning and what will be expected of you. The show this year will be Orpheus in

Britomart and will be performed in June. It is based on Orpheus in the Underworld, and

has been updated and given a definite Waiheke flavour. A list of singing parts will be

available on Tuesday night and you will be able to book an audition time then. To all new

members who might be put off by the above sentence, you do NOT have to audition for

the choir only for the show.and you are very welcome at both.

Owing to massive rent increases for City owned halls,we have to find a new home. [as do

many other groups] We have booked Palm Beach Hall for the next three weeks while we

negotiate the best option.Because of the rent increase we will have to raise the subs

slightly to be confirmed at the A.G.M.

The AGM will be on March 16th date to be confirmed and venue to be advised. It will be

Advertised in all three Waiheke newspapers. Now please have a thought about being on

the committee. Nomination forms will be available and please, please ask the person you

are nominating if they are willing.

Accappella has started at the Presbyterian church for Evensong on Feb29th at 5pm

Alan Knight is hoping to organise a Waiheke version of Last night at the Proms Brush

up on your Land of hope and glory, and Doreen Burns has asked us to do a charity concert

to raise funds for Morra hall. These are only possibles and as you can see the year is

getting crowded already.


A laptop which was loaned to the choir for Trial by Jury is on the missing list. If you have

been looking after it or know where it is, please let Wendy Croucher know ph 3355.

ASAP If it cannot be found we are liable for the cost, but hopefully . it is tucked away

somewhere and we can return it.

Orpheus in Britomart

Brenda has translated the original from the French and has been very busy updating it.

Christine Jarman has been appointed Director and Richard is the Musical Director A

rehearsal schedule is being prepared also a synopsis, so we will know what it is all about

There are lots of parts and it will be open to people outside the choir There are many

jobs to be done behind the scenes It will be a wonderful show and every little nut and bolt

is important for its success. Your input is very important

Special Dates

February 10th choir restarts Palm Beach Hall 7pm

February 29th Accappella Evensong, Presbyterian church

March 16th AGM to be confirmed

Well I have no more news for you all See you all on Tuesday

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day

What I make best for dinner is reservations..