Hi everyone,

Well the newsletter is slightly late this month, owing to arm versus a metal driveway and the driveway won. However lifes little hiccups are soon over.

Trial by Jury

Every thing is still on track and rehearsals are a lot of fun, but there is a lot of serious work going on and it’s coming together well. I think Brenda still has all of her fingernails left. By now you all have some tickets to sell. We have to make an all out push to get as many bums on seats as possible. If you can display a poster, please do. Talk about it to anyone who’ll listen and annoy those who won’t. We hope to do excerpts from the show on the ferry and maybe Ostend Market and Oneroa, but that will be decided shortly. Posters, flyers and programmes are all organised and the libretto will be for sale


After a short blip it is all done. Cravats, sailor collars, lace collars and bows are all finished. Thankyou for sewing buttons and buttonholes etc. Shona Smith is the wardrobe coordinator and her job is to keep track of all the bits and pieces so nothing gets mislaid. Costume call was a great success and the show is nearly dressed.

Make up.

Choral Society will be purchasing some but please bring your own personal make up. Men don’t worry about it, you will be provided for. The old make up is a few years old and has been consigned to the rubbish bin. It was well past its use by date and was probably harbouring a few greeblies.

Photo Call

Phillipa Karn will do the Photos, she will be at the dress rehearsals, so make sure you are looking your best and with full make up on. Photos will be available as soon as possible.


The musicians now have the Trial by Jury music score and are busy practising, thanks to George and his assistants, and a very big thankyou to Dulcie for her great playing

Other bits and pieces.

Trial by Jury is top of our priorities and is well under control but other things are happening as well. The music shed is still on the agenda, it is just finding the right one. We do have a site which has easy access, we just don’t have the shed yet.

Acapella will be performing a concert at St.Pauls Presbyterian Church on December 14th, late afternoon start and Koha at the door. It will be good so do try and get to it.

Our end of year party is on November 25th at the Onetangi hall from 6.30pm onwards. It will be self catering and you will be advised whether to bring mains or dessert, the choir will be supplying some food and also bubbly and white wine will be provided. If you want anything else you are quite welcome to bring your own. Don’t forget an item if you have one, so enjoy yourselves and partners are most welcome.

Our very special love, thoughts and prayers go to Graham and Janet Pullan from the whole choir, you are always in our thoughts.

Welcome home to Ron and Silvia Jamieson who have been overseas on a long holiday and have been catching up with family.

Birthday greetings to Mary Melville and George Hudson and anyone else who has a special day in October. If you didn’t get any presents I’m sure you got a lot of love and maybe a special dinner.

Special Dates.

Trial by Jury. Opening night Wednesday November 12th. This will be a Gala Night.

All rehearsals are on your rehearsal sheets. Please note we go into Artworks on Sunday November 2nd and have full run through at 1.30pm. We pack into the theatre in the morning.

Photo call for individual pictures November 3rd and 4th.

End of year party. Tuesday November 25th at Onetangi Hall at 6.30pm onwards

Acapella Concert at St.Pauls Presbyterian Church December 14th.

The next newsletter will be the last letter for the year and I don’t know where the last twelve months have gone.

The next committee meeting will be on Monday November 3rd at 6pm at Artworks, rehearsal follows it.

Well that’s it for now.

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day.

By the time a person gets to greener pastures he cannot climb the fence.