September 2003

Hi everyone,

Well Spring has arrived with its general quota of four seasons in one day and the promise of some fine weather. The musical and drama year gears up another notch towards Christmas and most people are getting involved in end of year activities.

Trial by Jury (The Directors Cut)

T by J is well under way and the final parts have been cast. Robin Kirkham is the Committee Chairman, Alex Duncan is the Pedant, Bernard Rhodes the Bearded Man,(he is minus his beard at the moment)Peter Armstrong is Counsel, and the delightful lady who keeps asking if you want a cup of tea, is Pat Atkin. Tickets have been organised and there have been several options for their sale. We hope to pre sell the tickets at $10 each. A family ticket at $25 - two adults and two children or one adult and three children. There is also a possibility of a combined ticket, Trial by Jury and Panto, more info later. Tickets at the door will be $12.So it will be cheaper to pre sell. We will be having a Gala night and all proceeds will go to Fullers, in return for Sponsorship. They will donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice. Fullers have been very good to the choir over many years and we are very grateful for their help and support.

Now we really do need a wardrobe co-ordinator. It would be better if it can be someone not in the show, so, if you can or know someone else, please Brenda. Lyn Kemeys has offered to do the makeup. There will be a photo call probably on dress rehearsal night. Well that’s the show news up to date, please keep an eye on your rehearsal schedule and venue. There is nothing worse than turning up at the wrong place and finding that you are not needed that night. Finances are still in the black and your Treasurer has been keeping a very close eye on spending. All shows need a workable budget and if you have joined us for the show or the rest of the year the membership fee is $12.50 payable to Lesley or a committee member who will pass it on. It would help if you placed your fee in a named envelope for easier processing.

Richard’s Bits

Congratulations to our Musical Director, Richard, who was recently elected President of the Historic Society. For new members and some not so new, this is a very special year for Richard. It is his tenth year of being in the driving seat of the choir. He has been doing a magnificent job. Sometimes it must be rather thankless, but he takes it all in his stride and we really appreciate him Acappella rehearsals are at Blackpool school and we have had a provisional offer to use the Presbyterian Church later on. Remember Mark Johnstone who had to conduct a choir and do a recording as an assignment towards his music degree? Well Richard tells us that he received an A-, so well done Mark and well done all of you who took part.

General bits and pieces.

You will all be pleased to know, especially our rehearsal pianists, that we will no longer be bothered by the piano key striking a very flat A or indeed not playing it at all. The committee decided to move our own piano from the school to Ostend Hall. Many thanks to Philip and his helpers who moved it on Saturday. Also many thanks to Dulcie for her patience at the piano. Just a small note about music. Some music which we use is not allowed to be highlighted except in pencil which can be erased after use. However a lot of our music can be highlighted and it would help the music librarians (when we get some)if you would pencil on the top if the highlight is for Soprano,Alto,Tenor or Bass.Always check with Richard before marking any copy.

Our very best wishes go to Russell Crouch who is in hospital receiving a new hip and to Wendy who is keeping the home fires burning.

Don’t forget your item for the End of Year bash.The hall has been booked.

Happy Birthday to Vonnie,George Blanchard and Alex Duncan who have special days in September.Also to those who keep their special day a secret.

Photo Call Cast photos will be taken during the dress rehearsal and orders will be taken later.

Special Dates

Sunday Nov.2nd pack into Artworks for Trial by Jury

Wed,12th,Thurs 13th,Fri,14th,Sat,15th,performance at 7.30pm.and a matinee at 2.30pm on Sat.15th.

Sunday 16th Nov.Pack out theatre.

Tuesday Nov 25th. End of Year Bash at Onetangi Hall.

Dec13th. The choir will be singing carols and a selection of Christmas songs after the Santa Parade inArtworks courtyard.

That’s all folks

Jeanne Mellamphy

Thought for the day

To err is human but to really stuff things up you need a computer,

And if I have managed to stuff anything up it is my new toy “the computer”