Minutes of Special Meeting of Waiheke Choral Society

Held at: Whittaker’s Music Museum Tuesday 18th April 2017 19:00


Andy Spence, Anne Willmann, Ben Cobbett, Carolyn Smart, Christine Beardon, Dee Austring, Eileen Boghurst, Erica Hailstone, Flynn Washington, Gavin Smart, Gillian Reeve, Hiromi Stewart, Irene Hodson, Jane Griffith, Jeanne Mellamphy, Joan Kirk, Kara Nelson, Kayla Mackenzie-Kopp, Kyrie Rose, Mark James, Mary Batten, Maya Spence, Moira McGuinness, Nika Dyblenko, Nora West, Norma Cross, Pam Manktelow, Philip Symonds, Rosemary Burns, Sandra Alley, Susan Triggs, Trevor Hynds, Willi Willmann.

Apologies: none

Agenda: To ratify steering committee and elect officers for 2017 year.

Election of Officers:

President: Andy Spence nominated by Anne Willmann

Musical Director and Conductor: Anne Willmann nominated by Maya Spence

Secretary: Susan Triggs nominated by Eileen Boghurst

Treasurer: Mark James nominated by Jane Griffith


The original steering committee consisting of Dee Austring, Maya Spence, Nora West and Saskia Herren were nominated by Andy Spence.
Philip Symonds stepped down from the committee.

Additional members:
Ben Cobbett and Jane Griffith were nominated by Christine Beardon

All positions were uncontested, those nominated accepted the posts and were elected by acclamation.

Pianist: Caroline Smart has agreed to be our pianist

General Business:

Andy thanked the out-going committee and in particular Philip Symonds for all his work over many years.

He also formally thanked Richard Melville for all his work and dedication over the past 24 years.

At the conclusion of Carmina Burana as a gesture of our appreciation Mary Melville was presented with a bouquet of flowers and Richard was presented with a travel voucher for $1200.00 which we hope will go towards a well-deserved holiday.

Also thanks to Anne Willmann who, at short notice, has agreed to be our musical director and conductor.

Life Membership:

A life membership to the Waiheke Choral Society was awarded Dee Austring who has for many years worked quietly and tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the society running smoothly.

Musical Director:

Anne also thanked Philip for all his work and gave a “huge” thanks Carolyn for accepting the position of pianist.

Anne outlined the ideas she has for the first part of the year, being brackets of music under the broad headings of music from past shows, music from the Romantic period, some acapella etc with a view to a concert in early August perhaps titled Classics to Modern.

Meeting Closed: 19:30