Meeting Choral Society 22/02/2022

Present: Maya, Anne, Mark, Saskia, Nicolas, Gavin, Susan (Skype)

Meeting Opened: 7:20pm

When can we sing again?:

Level Red: no go

Whittakers doesn’t have great ventilation -- could open doors

Can we distance in Whittakers? – rehearsals would have less people anyway due to the nature of COVID, so it certainly seems possible.

The committee will look again in Orange and make a decision. All singers will be required to have vaccination passes. Singers will most likely be required to wear masks.

Task for choir: Try out different mask patterns and find one you can sing in.

What to sing:

What structure do we want for the choir? – do we want to follow the same structure as always?

Anne suggests that the choir hangs onto old material more, reusing them in performances and singing both new and old songs in rehearsal.

This would get around concert issue in COVID times, but also allow new singers and old singers to be on more of a level playing field.

Choral leader will need breaks – have choral sing-alongs with known songs? MC from the committee


April the 12 for AGM


Richard is currently in a geriatric hospital. We are not currently allowed to visit.

Can we actually sing under the window? – this may be too stressful

Record a video for Richard

Zoom Meeting?

Treasurer’s report:

Mark presents the treasurers report. Accepted unanimously with thanks.

Rocky Rhodes has validated the financial accounts for 2021

Resurgence support – awarded in January not included in the financial response in 2021

Meeting is closed 8:17pm