Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society

Held: 30 March 2021, Whittaker’s Musical Museum 20:30

Present: Gavin Smart, Mark James, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs, Richard Melville, Saskia Herren, Maya Spence


General Business:

Saskia, welcomed Maya and Andy back


Date: Second weekend of June 12/13th of June

After some discussion it was decided we would have 2 concerts, one at the Morra Hall and one at Rocky Bay

It was decided we would have a cup of tea and a biscuit after both concerts

Poster – Saskia to make a classic and fancy poster – thank you Saskia

Advertising will need to be done mid-May


Gavin to ask Carolyn Smart if she would like to play for the concerts in June.

Anne Willmann

We spoke to Anne and she confirmed that she we will direct and conduct a Pot Pourri concert later in the year and this will need to before mid- November. We will discuss exact dates at a later meeting.

Saskia to ask choir if the choir if they want a mid-winter Christmas party

Life memberships

These were discussed but we do not have one to award at the moment

Meeting ended at 9:00