Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 10 November 2020 08:30

Held: Whittakers Musical Museum

Present: Gavin Smart, Mark James, Anne Willmann and Susan Triggs.

Apologies: Nicolas Herren

General Business

Concert preparations

Poster :

Saskia has kindly made 2 posters, consensus was we will use the poster showing the cupped hands as it has more impact.

Gavin will confirm details with Saskia


Mark suggests we use the poster for an advertisement the week before the concert in the Gulf News.

Mark will write an article hopefully to be included in the Weekender. Anne will send Mark some ideas for the article.

Projector and Screen:

Gavin has booked the local board data show and screen and can provide a laptop on the day to use.


Susan to ask Dee if she could contact sponsors for a paper program and organise the program for us? If that cannot be organised we will not have a paper program but display the program on the screen before the concert,

Laptop and words for carols:

For the audience participation carols we will use the same list as last year dropping the little Drummer Boy.

Anne will email Gavin the list and the words for carols.

Seats for choirs

Susan to contact Dee re- library seats and arrange to pick up and bring them to the church.


Black bottoms and single coloured tops, try and vary the colours

Access to St Peters

Gavin to see if Richard can organise access to St Peter or ask him who we can contact

On site rehearsal

It was decided we did not need an onsite rehearsal, but we will arrive early and have practise of getting on and off the stage before the concert. Time to be arranged nearer to the concert


Koha to be given to Waiheke Budgeting this year.


Bring a plate to share.

Susan will bring tea, coffee, milk, sugar, juice etc

Order of Program
Anne to organise the order of our items.

Suggested order for concert being

Code of Conduct


Here is the link to the code of conduct for concerts and musical productions. http://www.waihekechoral.org.nz/WICSCodeOfPractice.html I think we have covered everything.

Christmas Festival 12th December

Mark to ask Musical Museum Trust if we can have the museum open and if there is a piano on the ground we can use.

Gavin to raise next week at choir and then send an email to confirm date, Christmas party, dress code for concert etc.

Christmas Party

Anne has kindly offered to host a Christmas party on the 12th for the choir who are singing in the concert and partners. Time 5:30 until 9:00

Choir will provide a ham and sausages for a bar-b-que (meat and vegetarian)

Choir to bring a plate – salad or dessert. Dessert to be finger food only.

Choir Practise

There will be no choir on Tuesday November 24th because Anne is away

Meeting ended: 21:50