Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 22 November 2019

Held at: Maya Spence’s home 19:00

Present: Saskia Herren, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs, Mark James and Gavin Smart

Apologies: Richard Melville

General Business:

Meeting started at 7:00 with a lovely potluck dinner.

The purpose of the meeting is to check the details of the Xmas concert.

  1. Committee appoints conductor and names concert

Conductor – Richard Melville

Name – Hallelujah Hallelujah

  1. Committee sets and communicates the programme, items, soloists

Peter Forster will play guitar in a number for us.

Projector – @Gavin will ask CBA or Anne if we can borrow a projector and screen.

@Nicolas will ask Mailis if she would be available to run the projector.

  1. Committee establishes budget – There is a $200 donation to the church and appropriate advertising.

Proceeds after expenses will be donated to Waiheke Resource Trust

  1. Committee appoints production team to organise, which will then do the following:

  1. Plans ongoing communication with members, via newsletter and telephone contact


  1. Sets the date

St Peters 2:00 Saturday 7th December, 5:00 Sunday 8th December

  1. Arranges accompanist

Carolyn Smart

  1. Obtains the music

Richard has set the music, and this has been photocopied and distributed

  1. Liaises with any other parties involved / M.C. etc. N/A

  1. Arranges rehearsals – how many? when? where? books the venue

Venue – St Peters – Organised by Richard

Rehearsals – Standard Tuesday practises at Whittakers

Chairs from library

@Susan/Kim to collect and deliver.

  1. Books a venue for performance – rehearsals commence – DONE

  1. Decides cost of tickets and booking details No, Koha only

  1. Decides publicity and advertising

@ Mark

  1. Arranges production of poster

Completed and with printer

  1. On the day / door / refreshments / setting up / cleaning etc

Cup of tea and a biscuit

Sopranos/ Tenors - Saturday

Altos/Basses - Sunday

Milk, sugar etc, couple of Ernst Adams Christmas cakes - Susan

  1. Performance / thanks – Present for Richard and flowers for Carolyn. @Susan

  1. Concert dress code: Christmas coloured tops (red, green, gold) and black bottoms

Other Business:

Xmas get together

Xmas get together 18:00 Friday 15th December.

Hall set up at 16:00 as usual

Hall booked and paid

@Susan to bring the ham

@Saskia – roast vegetables

Note to choir to bring a plate for dinner and an item!! @Gavin to add to final notice for the year.

Other Business

Saskia leaves for the UK on Sunday 24th we wish well for the future and look forward to seeing her back in a year. We would like to thank her for all the work she has done over many years and for being the president for the last 2 years

Gavin Smart has kindly agreed to accept the position of president pro tem for the remainder of the year and will hopefully stand again next year.

Financial Report

Mark tabled a year to date financial report. Currently we have an operating loss of $302.04 and funds in the bank of $20,227.28

Future Concerts

We need to find a conductor for next year and Maya has sent an email to Richard to ask him if he would consider being a guest conductor again for part of the year. Once we hear back from Richard we can decide on the next steps.

Next Meeting:

To be decided