Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 10 September 2019

Held at: Whittakers Music Museum

Present: Saskia Herren, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs, Gavin Smart, Richard Melville, Mark James


General Business

Dates for the rest of 2019

Tuesday, November 19th

Choir Invite Kara and friends to choir and we will have cake.

Bring a plate.

Wednesday, November 20th

Pop in party for Kara 14:00 – 16:00 at the retirement village.

Any choir members that can attend should arrive just before 3:30 (unless you are already there) and we will sing a couple of songs.

Saskia – to send email to the choir.

Pssst - Don’t tell Kara

Saturday, November 23rd

Sister Shout have their concert. We have been invited to participate, Maya to find out the details and then we can decide if we want to take part


Saturday 7th 13:30

/ Sunday 8th 17:00 End of Year /Christmas Concert $15.00

Richard: to ask the church about taking a piano to St Peters

Gavin: to ask Kayla if the Circle of Friends could move their gathering a little so we could have a concert on Saturday about 2.

Saskia: to create a poster

Saskia: Is going to England to pursue her studies, leaving at the end of November.

Gavin: has volunteered to be president elect from November when Saskia leaves and continue for until the next AGM. Thank you, Gavin

Phillip’s Leaving Gift

Phillip is moving to Whangarei around 8th October.

Gavin, Nic and Saskia are working on Phillips going away picture.

1st October we will give Philip his gift at choir practice

Christmas Party - Sunday 15th 18:00

Maya – to contact Onetangi Hall

Meeting ended: 21:30

Next Meeting: After choir 1st October