Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 9 July 2019

Held at: Maya Spence’s home Trigg Hill Road. 19:10

Present: Saskia Herren, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs, Gavin Smart and Richard Melville

Apologies: Mark James

General Business

Pot Pourri Concert

The concert was a great success and enjoyed by everyone who attended.

A big thanks to Anne Willmann.

Concert Concert for Kara Nelson’s 100th birthday

Suggestion is for Concert Party

Kara’s birthday is 18th November which is a Monday so the concert would need to be some time that week, dependant on what other things she has planned.

Richard to ask at the Libby at the retirement village if anything is planned. He will also talk to Kara about the format for the party.

Maya to ask Rosemary if anything is planned.

Susan to write to Nora to ask if anything is planned

Richard is happy to be the musical director / conductor for Kara’s party concert and would like to name the concert after Kara’s book “And the Piano came too”

If anyone has any music or ideas please forward them to Richard, maybe some songs that are mentioned in the book.

If seating is a problem for Kara, Gavin has a lazy boy he could bring to the party or any concerts.

Committee to ask Carolyn if she can be our practise pianist for this concert.

Susan - to drop Anne a line thanking her for a most successful concert and let her know that Richard is able to take the choir for the next 2 terms - done

Mid-Winter Party - Friday 12th July

The Onetangi Hall is organised and Maya has 2 woofers coming to help with the hall, serving and dishes so we can all relax and enjoy the party.

Committee bring - table clothes, lights, table decorations etc and be at the hall at 4:00 pm to decorate.

Saskia to send reminder to choir about party: 6 pm to 9 pm, bring a plate for dinner – main or dessert, bring music from the last concert, bring an item to perform. Saskia will be the MC.

Susan to bring tea and coffee.

Phillip’s Leaving Gift

Phillip is moving to Whangarei at the end of September and there was some discussion on what we could give him for a going away present. Phillip has been an active member of the choir for many years, in all the shows both as director and performer. He has also served on the committee for many years. We decide that a picture of Waiheke would be nice and are discussing getting some printed photos taken by Joan Kirk. Maya, Nicolas and Andy to view and purchase.

We have asked Jeanne Mellamphy if she would be able to create a going away card for Phillip.

Gavin will give Phillip’s speech and reach out to Andy if he would like any ideas. Richard is to send some notes through for the speech to be read out.

Choir Starts again

We will have a winter break and then start again the 30th July

Next Meeting: To be decided if we need a meeting before 30th July Meeting ended: 21:00