Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 29 May 2019

Held at: Anne Willmann’s home Fisher Terrace. 19:10

Present: Saskia Herren, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs, Anne Willmann, Mark James and Gavin Smart

Apologies: none

General Business:

The purpose of the meeting is to check the details of the concert.

- Pot Pourri, here we go again

  1. Committee appoints conductor and names concert

Conductor - Anne Willimann

  1. Committee sets and communicates the programme, items, soloists

Janneke has offered to play a couple of piano duets with Anne

It was decided we would have slide show running

@Anne – will borrow the projector – DONE

@All – can we all look out for pictures and send them to Anne.

Maya has found some and sent them to Anne to review.

  1. Committee establishes budget – There is just hall hire and appropriate advertising.

We have an account for Copying $45.00

  1. Committee appoints production team to organise, which will then do the following:

The committee will be the production team.

@Gavin – will ask Jamie if he will check and set up stage lights for the choir. So that we can see our music 😊 DONE

Gavin will check that there is enough light for the piano and bring a lamp and extension cord in case.

  1. Plans ongoing communication with members, via newsletter and telephone contact

@ Mark and @ Anne

@ Mark


  1. Sets the date

29th Rocky Bay 19:00 and 30th June Morra Hall 14:00

  1. Arranges accompanist

Carolyn Smart

  1. Obtains the music

Anne has set the music, and this has been photocopied by Saskia

@Saskia will give the copier free tickets to the concert and organise a thank you card

  1. Liaises with any other parties involved / M.C. etc. N/A

  1. Arranges rehearsals – how many? when? where? books the venue - DONE

Anne will decide later, but if we do it will be Sunday 23rd 2 -4

We will have choir arrive 90 minutes before each concert to arrange seating and have a warmup.

@Maya – has organised with Dee that we can we borrow the library chairs for the choir for Rocky Bay.

@Susan/Kim to collect and deliver.

  1. Books a venue for performance – rehearsals commence – DONE

  1. Decides cost of tickets and booking details $15.00

  1. Decides publicity and advertising DONE

@Anne – to publicise the concert at Rebus

  1. Arranges production of poster

@Saskia - to produce poster by end of May

@Dee – Saskia to ask Dee if she would be able to produce a simple program (folded A4)

  1. On the day / door / refreshments / setting up / cleaning etc

Let’s have a cup of tea and nibbles after the concert. We’ll organise closer to the time.

  1. Performance / thanks – To be organised later

Other Business:

@Saskia to check with the choir if they still would like a Christmas party and a mid-winter party or just a Christmas party

@Saskia will contact Richard to see how his trip went and if he is interested in taking us for a Xmas concert.

Arianne may be available later in the year maybe around September

Next Meeting:

Monday, 17th June 7:00 pm Anne’s house