Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 25 March 2019

Held at: Anne Willman’s home Fisher Terrace. 19:00

Present: Saskia Herren, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs. Gavin Smart, Anne Willman


General Business

Dee has sent an email setting out the costs for the concert. There is still the costs for advertising, wine and flowers and the hall costs to be submitted.

There was some discussion about the payment for the soloists and it was agreed this would be discussed prior to the next concert to agree the renumeration in advance.

Maya thanked Anne for offering to take our next concert.

Part Leaders:

We have nominated a part leader for choir members to refer to if they have any problems with music, attendance etc. Gavin for tenors, Nic for basses, Susan for altos and Maya for sopranos.


Anne has made a program for our concert - Pot Pourri, here we go again! and has a set of music ready for copying.

Saskia will get the music copied. It has been recommended that we print 45 copies.

Once the music is copied Maya will sort them into sets ready for the first practice.

Anne will write a piece for Dee to send to all choir members this week letting them know about the concert and the concert dates.

Concert Dates

The concert dates are set for 29th / 30th June

Rocky Bay Hall:

Saturday 29th June 19:00

Hall hire is made through Yvonne O’Brien. 372-7100 and has been booked

Hall Hire $100 17:00 – 22:00

Morra Hall:

Sunday 30th June 14:00

Hall hire is made online and has been booked

Rest of the Year:

Anne will not be available for much of the rest of the year, so depending on Richard’s availability later in the year we will speak to Ariane.

Next Meeting:

Monday, 29th April.7:00 pm

Meeting ended: 20:30