Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 06 January 2019

Held at: Andy and Maya Spence’s home, Trigg Hill Rd. 19:00

Present: Saskia Herren, Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Nicolas Herren, Susan Triggs

Apologies: Mark James, Gavin Smart, Richard Melville

General Business

First day for Choir for 2019: 29th January 2019,

@Saskia – To send an email to Dee to send on to the choir, setting out

Musical Direction for 2019

Puccini Messa di Gloria Concert

Richard has confirmed

Saturday 30th March – 2 concerts

Venue for Concert will be at the Morra Hall, so that we can use pianos

Soloists – Robert has some names for us

Pianist – Robert Wiremu or someone recommended by him.

The poster has already been prepared and just needs updating

@Maya – will let Rosemary and Carolyn know that we will have a concert pianist for the concert.

Richard away from 1 April to beginning of June

Richard has proposed a concert for Kara to be held on November 19th which will be Kara’s 100th birthday. Richard will need to discuss this with Kara before we take this idea any further

The committee suggested that it includes high-lights of shows and concerts that Kara has been involved in through the years and possible an ensemble from Verde’s requiem.

We are looking for someone to conduct the choir while Richard is away.

Saskia to ask Anne, Arianne and / or Rosemary if they would be able to take the choir during April and May. We would then need to ask them if they would want to put on a concert at the end of that time.

Annual General Meeting

Date for the AGM has been set for 12th March 18:30
Mark to place advertisements in the paper.

Meeting ended: 20:30