Meeting of Waiheke Choral Society

Held on 07 May 2018 at Maya and Andy Spence’s house


Saskia Herren, Mark James, Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Susan Triggs, Nicolas Herren, Gavin Smart, Ariane Duclos

Apologies: none

General Business:

AGM minutes:

These are ready, can the committee check for errors before these are filed online and sent out. Mark to send to the Charities Commission


Mozart Concert to be held at St Peters on May 26th 14:00 and 27th 16:00

Choir to be there 60 minutes before the concert starts

Practise Day - Intensive

Sunday 13th May 1:30 to 4:00 at St Peters


The posters are printed and posted around the Island.

The name of the choir was missing from the poster so Saskia will amend the electronic version for online advertising.


Mark has written an article for the Gulf News and although there is no guarantee these are usually published.

Advertising – Advertisements going into Gulf News and Marketplace. Mark to organise.

Radio advertising:

Andy to talk to Chris Walker about a radio interview for Ariane and Sakia and also about recording the concert.

Willie and Janneke will play the clarinet. Andy will ask Ben if he would be interested in playing the violin.


There was some discussion around the pros and cons of an acoustic piano verses an electric piano. Carolyn is happy to play either, but prefers the electronic. We will take the piano to the church and compare the sound so we know for another time.


Dee has tickets for sale and they can also be bought at Shop the Rock

Richard and Mary to be sent complimentary tickets


Usually $150 for the church per performance

$200 to move the piano

Small gift for the Conductor and Pianist (Maya)

Dee is organising programs

Afternoon Tea

Tea and Coffee after the concert - Mark/Susan to organise

Half choir to bring a plate each day

What to wear

Black skirt or trousers, black shoes

Single colour on the top, ¾ sleeves

Format of the Concert

President to introduce the choir and housekeeping and then Ariane will introduce the concert.

Mid-Winter Party

Friday 8th June at Onetangi Hall. 6:00 for dinner.

Ham – Triggs

Roast Vegetable – Herrens

Curry – Andy

Decorate the Hall – 16:00. Spence, Triggs, Herren

Andy to see if we could borrow the Rotary projector.

Maya to look at gathering some show music

Rest of the Year


George Kahi has asked us to join the massed choirs to sing at Matariki on 22 July – E Pari Ra which will last about 4 minutes.

Puccini Concert

Choir will start again on June 12th and begin practising the Puccini with the concert to be sometime in October.

Christmas Concert

Committee to ask Rosemary Adler if she would help us with the Christmas concert, to take much the same format as last year.

Year 2018

There was some discussion around a conductor for 2018. Saskia to approach the university to see if there would be someone who would be interested in a conducting internship. We will also discuss with Richard if he is interested in continuing and see if Ariane will be coming back to New Zealand. If anyone else has any connections or ideas please put them forward.


The age of the choir precludes some of the musicals and other musicals are now very dated. Everyone to consider musicals – Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar.

Andy will consider directing.

Flash Mob

Before Christmas how about a flash mob in the supermarket or at the ferry building.

Meeting ended at 09:30