Committee meeting of 23 March 2018 at 7pm

Present Andy Maya Susan Mark and Saskia

Apologies Jane Griffith

AGM date set for 7pm on Tuesday 17 April. Andy to present the Musical Director's report as well as the President's report.

Mark to advertise the AGM

Concert Dates

Entry by ticket. Dee to be asked to prepare tickets for Choir Members to sell price not discussed but suggest $15?

Saskia to design Poster

Mark to arrange article on Ariane in the papers when she gets back for 4 weeks out from the concert with ads in What's On in papers 2 and 1 week before

Discussed possible makeup of the new committee and the roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Suggestions were made as to possible committee members from the existing choir members.

Meeting finished at 8.20 with dinner.

Andy Spence