Minutes of Waiheke Choral Society 16 January 2018

Held at: Mark James, 11 McMillian Road, Rocky Bay. 07:00

Present: Andy Spence, Maya Spence, Mark James, Jane Griffith, Susan Triggs

Apologies: Saskia Herren, Dee Austring


Dee Austring offered her resignation from the committee as she has difficulties attending meetings. It was decided that she should remain on the committee and have remote member status, which she accepted gracefully.

First day for Choir for 2018: 13th February 2018

Musical Direction for 2018

Ariane Duclos has agreed to be the musical director for Term 1.

Carolyn Smart will continue to be our pianist.

Ariane will decide on the format for the concert which will be in late May.

Ariana proposed that she receive the following remuneration:

$70/hour i.e. $140 per rehearsal and $50 for preparation for each choir night.

$100 for the concert and a percentage of ticket sales.

The committee unanimously accepted her proposal except for the percentage of ticket sales and Andy has requested clarification from Ariane on her charges for the concert.

The committee voted to send the following letter to the choir.

Dear choir

The first day for choir for 2018 will be Tuesday February 13th at 7:00 pm at Whittaker’s Musical Museum. Please be on time.

We have a new musical director - Ariana Duclos, who played the flute for us at our Christmas Concert.

Ariana has offered to work with us until a concert at the end of May and we will be paying her a retainer. So, we now need to charge a fee of $75 per person to cover the costs. (this equates to $5 a week, which I’m sure you’ll agree for the price of a cup of coffee a week is well worth it).

We would like to collect this fee from you before the end February, so please give your contribution to Mark as soon as possible or pay online to12-3114-0089828-00 Don’t forget to add your name as a reference.

Anyone who would find this a financial burden please do not hesitate to contact the president Andy Spence on 021 027 11631 and it will be dealt with in confidence.

Richard Melville has offered to return and take the choir for the Puccini Messa di Gloria mid-year.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 13th February

Happy New Year

Dee: Please send out the above email to all members.

Andy spoke to Ariane about music and she confirmed that she will be getting this to Carolyn and Dee at the beginning of February.

Meeting ended: 08:30