Waiheke Choral Society Minutes

Date: 22 August 2017 18:15

Present: Anne, Andy, Ben, Dee, Jane, Maya, Susan

Apologies: Saskia, Mark

Planning for upcoming Pot Pourri Concert


Gulf News did a publicity article last week and Mark is putting an advertisement on Gulf News on 31/08/2017

President to ask Dianna Worthy when the article will go in the Marketplace

The concerts are advertised in What’s On and on Event Finder

Extra Rehearsal

There will be an extra rehearsal on September 2nd 14:00 – 16:00 Rocky Bay Hall for those who can make it.

Tickets Sales

Tickets are being taken but not much money has been returned yet, so keep selling and talking about the concert to all.


Ben to contact Richard Postel about moving the piano. Richard will take the piano from Moira’s place to Palm Beach hall for $200 if he moves it alone but for $100 if we provide 2 helpers. Ben and Andy will help.

Dee to check with Lloyd if he can tune piano for the 9th at Palm Beach.

Decorating the halls

Maya/ Jane to organise, Susan to help. Just a few Nikau fronds or similar.


Susan to take 40 chairs from library to each concert, organise with Dee


Anne will bring the Probus projector and screen for both the concerts. Jamie will operate projector at Palm Beach and Roger at the Rocky Bay Hall.

Slides for background:

Maya and Anne are organising the slides. If anyone has any pictures they think would suit one of the songs, please do send them to Maya.

Musical accompaniment:

Anne to meet with David Rawsthorne to discuss violin solos.

Caroline to accompany us on the piano and Janneke on the clarinet are both confirmed.

Presents for the Musicians

Maya to look at getting chocolates / wine for the musicians.


Ben to check the names of the choir are correct and then Dee will get the program printed. It will have a front cover, the programme, members, sponsors and advertisements. Copy Expresso will have a page.


Andy - President to contact Richard and invite him and Mary to be our guests at one of the concerts

Dee / Andy – To send 2 complementary tickets each to the Gulf News and Market Place

Afternoon Tea – After the Palm Beach concert on Saturday 09th September, bring a plate to share.

Ticket prices and sales

$15 dollars $12 concession $35 for family.

Tickets available via -

Online a link on Choral Society website with information on paying online;

Shop the Rock; by phone; through Dee on 372-3456 or choir members and at the door

Xmas Concert:

Proposed date Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th December at 2:00 pm

Preferred venue St Peters church.

Dee to contact Christine Sloane to see if that would be possible.

The concert will be followed by the choir Christmas party on Saturday 16th if the hall is available. If not we might have it on the Tuesday.

Meeting closed at 18:50

Next Meeting:




Andy to check if Moira has the cover for the piano