Waiheke Choral Society Agenda 19 July 2017 Minutes


Susan, Dee


Anne, Andy, Maya, Mark, Jane, Saskia, Ben with guests Jamie and Caroline Smart

Planning for upcoming Variety Music Concert

Proposed Names for the upcoming show

After some discussion Waiheke Choral Society present Pot Pourri was agreed

Dates and times

Agreed Rocky Bay and Palm Beach as venues

Jane to confirm venues

Preferably Rocky Bay 7pm evening 1st Sept and Palm Beach 9th Sept 2pm matinee

Or failing that Rocky Bay evening of 25th August and matinee at Palm Beach 3rd Sept

Saskia to confirm availability 9th Sept

80 max seating at Rocky Bay. PB 100

Lighting at PB need to explore.

Anne will ask to borrow Probus projector for the concerts

Slides to represent songs.

Maya and Anne will liase about the slides and send out explanatory email to choir asking for suggestions for favourite pictures for songs to us by mid-August.

Musical accompaniment

Caroline to accompany on piano. Janneke clarinet. David Rawsthorne violin


Have been contacted and almost finalised.

Length of show

Anne has produced a draft of the items and with interval about an hour and a half.

Ticket prices and sales

15 dollars $12 concession $35 for family .

Ticket Sales

At the door.

Mark organising Online payments.

Dee to ask Shop the Rock to sell tickets.

30 tickets for Rocky Bay 40 for PB.

Dee tickets by phone on 3456

Advertising Press releases

Mark articles for Gulf News.

Andy to follow up.

Once exact date and title known, let publications know.

Ben to design Pot Pourri logo, poster and program. When and where, Logo, Music from 5 different genres. List of composers and details of sponsors Ticket info and price. Poster trifoldable to program

Venue booking

Jane to find out contact person for Rocky Bay and Palm Beach and check dates and make bookings.

What’s On

Dee to let ‘whats on’ columns know and seek sponsors.

Interview with one of the Free papers.

Andy and Anne to organise Waiheke radio and Marketplace (Di Worthy to be contacted).

Choir Attire

Black bottom with coloured top

Future direction of the choir

Finding out what the choir wants to do

Desiging a Questionairre for choir members Eg: paying for a conductor

Vocal trainer

Desire to perform/ concerts

Do we want to do musicals any more

Do we simply want shows that appeal to the choir

Musical Director .. ask Richard if he wants to do any more

Next Meeting

Sunday breakfast 10am the 30th July at Andy and Maya’s