Choral Society Committee Meeting

Wednesday 21st June 2017 at 7 pm at 2B Fisher St.

Present: Andy, Maya, Dee, Jane, Mark, Anne

The meeting opened with Walnut-Rum cake.



Richard and Mary to be invited to the mid-winter party.


Midwinter Party Arrangements

6 pm start; no presents; BYO drinks.

Dress: Festive (however you define that)

Food: Choir members to bring a generous plate to share (main course and/or sweets course).

Partners welcome.

Maya will start decorating the hall at 4 pm; volunteers are needed please. Phone Maya on 372 4446 if you can help.

ITEMS: All choir members are invited to present an item (song/skit etc). As a guideline, plan on up to 5 minutes.

Maya will contact Nicholas to ask if they want to be involved.

Susan to be asked if she will cook the ham.

Decorations might include chocolate Santas. Maya and Andy to source.

Singalong: Has Susan got sheets of words?

Dee to email choir this week about the party arrangements, and also recent ex-members, Janneke & Roger, Gillian etc.



Maya & Andy



Faust: Soldiers’ Chorus

Need to explain it as a historic piece, representing values of the time.

Agreed that we might ‘tweak’ a few words, but don’t want to be too P C.

Explore the “Oh Jemima” comic alternative as an adjunct.


Next Year

Can’t do Mamma Mia.

Ideally, we need a musical which involves the choir, both male and female.

Andy is exploring Beauty and the Beast, and will get a copy of the stage version.

All of us to keep an eye and ear out for possible musicals!


December Concert

Possibly a concert of two halves, with the choir performing the first half and the second half being a singalong with the audience being supplied with words.

Next Concert

Aim for a concert at Rocky Bay on 2nd September then Artworks on Saturday 9th (evening) and Sunday 10th September (matinee).

Need to check whether Artworks is free.

Andy is contacting David.




Mark is away from 29th July to 31st August.

Next Committee meeting: 19th July at 7 pm at 2b Fisher St.

No choir on 11th July as Anne is away.

The meeting closed at 8.52 pm.