Waiheke Island Choral Society

Committee Meeting Minutes, 29 November 2016

Meeting called to order at 6:30PM at Whittaker’s Music Museum.

Present: Dee, Kayla, Mark, Maya, Philip, Richard, Susan

Carmina Burana

Decision was made between Richard and Kathy Ogletree to postpone the concert until the weekend before Easter. Four performances:

Te Huruhi Hall is available for those dates.

Milla Dickens (soprano) is not available as she is moving to Wellington.

Richard to confirm availability of other soloists and orchestra members.

Richard to confirm arrangements with Kathy for a workshop on Saturday 10 December.

Dee to confirm that the Fullers sponsorship tickets for the orchestra will still be valid in April.

Dee to cancel arrangements with Richard Postel to move pianos for Carmina Burana.

Mark to ensure that newspaper advertisements have been cancelled.

The rest of this year

Richard to check with St Peter’s Church whether an 18 Dec concert would be possible, and under what arrangements.

Next year

Meeting adjourned at 7:00PM.