Minutes – 20/9/2016

Present: Richard, Maya, Anne, Mark, Phillip, Nassai, Kayla

Apologies: Mailis, Susan, Dee

Sound of Music

The DVD for the 3LH has arrived; the one for TRK is still coming.

Maya suggest that for the showing of the DVD, we should show the 3LH in the first half, and TRK for the second.
Depending on how many people want to see, we may have to do 2 showings.

Dee to find cinema availability
Dee to send an email to the whole choir, families of the cast, the cast, and the crew, to see who would like to come to the showing

Centre Stage Orewa wants to buy some of the set


The Sound of Music gave us a profit of $4000

The profit of the year comes to $12 841

Coast Guard will receive $490, and Rotary will receive $820

Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party will be held at Onetangi Hall, and the dates will be relative to Carmina Burana (3rd or 10th, so 17th December), at 6.00pm

Maya to check availability

Philip will be providing the chicken

Kim will be making the ham


We will be performing the Puccini

Richard feels we should branch our more in terms of music, so one major concert a year, to focus on the Choral Society. He thinks we should semi move away from the idea that everyone has to be a part of everything. As well as adding in some easier music for the choir.

Phillip wants to connect the society and the shows more.

Richard will be looking at finding music for Duke Ellington

Possibility of a children’s choir

End of Year Concert + Carmina Burana

Subcommittee (Richard, Mark and Dee) to meet with Kathy to discuss dates and finances

Carmina will likely be the 3rd of December, so Carols by Candlelight on the 10th

Soprano solo has been cut out

Rosemary’s piano need to be shifted to Moira McGuiness (0272247088), a piano mover is Richard Postell

Dee to check suitability

Treasurer’s Report



Ticket sales

Artworks bar proceeds

Programme koha

Donations and koha tin


Creative Communities grant

Denny Reid


Date Outwards Cheque Amount
14-Jan Audit conf report fee
29-Feb Artworks deposit E40 $220.00
29-Feb Artworks rehearsals E41 $120.00
29-Feb NZ Choral Society dues E42 $470.00
07-Mar AGM ad Marketplace E43 $23.00
16-Mar A Spence (set & costumes) E44 $1,382.74
16-Mar NZ Post box E45 $160.00
16-Mar Copy Expresso (violin books) E46 $90.10
16-Mar AGM ad Gulf News E47 $19.40
18-Mar Artworks training E48 $30.00
07-Apr M Spence (costumes) E49 $100.00
07-Apr Artworks rehearsals E50 $135.00
20-Apr K Sorrenson (costumes) E51 $1,295.88
20-Apr S Triggs (shipping) E52 $131.20
20-Apr D Austring (Denny’s tix) E53 $90.00
17-May Fullers TV ad E54 $174.80
17-May A Spence (set) E55 $1,035.11
17-May M Spence (makeup) E56 $180.00
17-May K Sorrenson (costumes) E57 $408.36
18-May P Symonds (refreshments) E58 $62.34
19-May S Triggs (makeup) E59 $7.20
19-May Marketplace ad E60 $368.00
19-May Profile Plus (poster) E61 $26.45
07-Jun Internet domain name E62 $73.61
07-Jun Gulf News ad E63 $194.35
07-Jun A Spence (set) E64 $691.42
07-Jun P Symonds (food) E65 $103.78
10-Jun Phillipa Karn photography E66 $78.00
10-Jun Gulf News ad E67 $194.35
22-Jun Gulf News ads E68 $197.80
22-Jun P Symonds (food) E69 $340.47
22-Jun M James (Marketplace ad) E70 $175.60
22-Jun M Spence (makeup etc) E71 $1,233.18
23-Jun Gulf News ad E72 $98.90
23-Jun Copy Expresso E73 $975.00
23-Jun Whittakers Music Museum E74 $391.00
23-Jun Paul Harris (poster) E75 $80.00
04-Jul A Spence (shipping) E76 $164.46
04-Jul K Sorrenson (costumes) E77 $838.81
04-Jul S Triggs (gifts) E78 $330.00
15-Aug Origin Theatrical E79 $295.59
15-Aug Rotary (fundraiser) E80 $820.24


Payables: Waiheke Coastguard fundraiser


Operating profit (or -loss)

Balances: Cheque account

Reserve fund