Minutes 31/5/2016

Present: Andy, Maya, Dee, Nassai, Ann, Mark, Susan, Phillip, Richard, Kayla, Dee

Apologies: Mailis

Sound of Music

Expenses approved, moved by Ann, seconded by Phillip

Sunday 12th, Thursday 16th, Friday 17th, and Saturday 18th - confirmed to be on

The after party for the show will be on the last Saturday - everyone is invited

Dee and Phillip are in charge of catering for the after party

Andy to decide who gets presentations

Carmina Burana

We need to find soloists and a pianist (for the show, and for practises)

Richard is coordinating the orchestra

Treasurer’s Report



Ticket sales

Donations and koha tin


Creative Communities grant

Denny Reid


Date Outwards Cheque Amount
14-Jan Audit conf report fee
29-Feb Artworks deposit E40 $220.00
29-Feb Artworks rehearsals E41 $120.00
29-Feb NZ Choral Society dues E42 $470.00
07-Mar AGM ad Marketplace E43 $23.00
16-Mar A Spence (set & costumes) E44 $1,382.74
16-Mar NZ Post box E45 $160.00
16-Mar Copy Expresso (violin books) E46 $90.10
16-Mar AGM ad Gulf News E47 $19.40
18-Mar Artworks training E48 $30.00
07-Apr M Spence (costumes) E49 $100.00
07-Apr Artworks rehearsals E50 $135.00
20-Apr K Sorrenson (costumes) E51 $1,295.88
20-Apr S Triggs (shipping) E52 $131.20
20-Apr D Austring (Denny’s tix) E53 $90.00
17-May Fullers TV ad E54 $174.80
17-May A Spence (set) E55 $1,035.11
17-May M Spence (makeup) E56 $180.00
17-May K Sorrenson (costumes) E57 $408.36
18-May P Symonds (refreshments) E58 $62.34
19-May S Triggs (makeup) E59 $7.20
19-May Marketplace ad E60 $368.00
19-May Profile Plus (poster) E61 $26.45


Payables: Gulf News ads

Artworks (rehearsals)

P Symonds (refreshments)

A Spence (set)

Receivables: Sound of Music ticket sales

Operating profit (or -loss)

Balances: Cheque account

Reserve fund